Thursday, November 25, 2010

.if i could write lyrics to jazz or big band here i would, but i can't.

Rise and shine! 4am! Mom and I head to the gas station to pick up our thanksgiving morning newspapers. Yes. Multiple - every year we go and get four newspapers and get ourselves a coffee at the gas station.

Our first choice of gas station didn't have the newspapers yet, so we drove to another one and the guy was just delivering them. Talked to the guy working - he was excited to get home to his wife for thanksgiving. He looked exhausted. Hope he had a good thanksgiving today.

Got home and sorted out all the Fliers - each person in my family gets a huge stack of fliers set up at the table next to a plate ready to be filled with warm Pilsberry cinnamon rolls and a paper for black friday shopping and wish lists. It's always fun. It's about being together and for me, dreaming a little.

got ready for the day, continued to look at fliers. haha

Helped mom cook dinner. Dad enjoyed the football game and fliers. ahha

Mmhmm was the turkey dinner delicious. Though I was left extremely stuffed and tired from all the food. It was great though.

Ate dinner with the China, Silver, and Chrystal!

Even kipper lucked out hardcore with tons of leftovers!!
Today made me reflect on how much God has made me grow since last thanksgiving. It's really different. But I like it.

We set up for Christmas decorations today! That way we wouldn't have to worry about it this weekend and we could relax! 

early morning!

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