Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wedding Venue 1: EM Fine Art

The biggest challenge that we've gone after first in our wedding planning is finding a venue. We have a budget of about $2,300, and to our surprise, that doesn't fit the frame of many venues. But we are determined to find just the right place within our budget!

After picking a date (June 23rd, 2013... woo!) we began searching the web to start finding venues. We decided not to visit any unless we had done our research and figured out if it was even in our price range or had what we wanted. I say we, because Tim has been an incredible help trying to find a venue. I love how involved he is willing to be in this with me and I really appreciate it! It's not to often I hear about grooms helping to wedding plan (granted, I'm not sure if that's the bride or the grooms fault there...) Either way, I appreciate it.

Several sights we've looked at include:
Wedding Wire

All wedding sites seam to have similar venues though, so I began looking through wedding magazines and doing google searches with key things I want or like. Such as...
"wedding venues with brick wall Seattle"
"wedding venues barn Seattle"
"wedding venues park"

I've also done those searches and looked at the photos... when I found a photo I liked that maybe a photographer took of someone's wedding, I would link it back to where that venue was and do the research.

So far we've found a few. Thursday night we went and checked out EM Fine Art. It was a beautiful venue, but a little small for what I think we need.The owner was amazing - really friendly, not uptight, totally willing to help you where needed... He answered any questions we had completely honest, including the safety of the area. Tim's concern was that because of where it was at in Seattle, that people might just wander in. The owner assured us he's never had a problem. He's been actively involved in that neighborhood for five years. The area has clean up quite a bit, he explained, and he knows many of the community members there including the police.

Here are a few things that may help if your interested in this venue.
EM Fine Art
Address: 410 Dexter Ave N Seattle, WA 98109
Phone: 206.963.0046
Max Capacity: (250 standing, 200 auditorium seating/cocktail reception with some seating, 150 banquet seating, and 120 seating at rounds) This is what the website says - but it would be VERY crouded to seat that many people in here. There really is no place to transition between ceremony and reception seating...
June Costs: Saturday ($2,400)
Service Charges: none - but you will have to pay for dishes yourself, because they are not provided.
On-site catering: no
Outside Catering: yes. With a prep area available
Day-of coordinator:no, but staff is available for transitions and initial set up
Tables and Chairs: Yes
Sound Equipment: yes (screen, speakers with capabilities of plugging in laptop or iPod)
Parking: Free street parking after 6 and on Sundays. Parking lot around the corner is really cheap.
Partytime: unlimited access all day - no curfew.
Decorations: Decorate as much as you want - they do have some lights they can put up.
Restrooms: two individual bathroom stalls downstairs - not ideal if this is where you want to get ready as well.

The main entrance to the gallery

The upstairs bar area - can be used as the place where the men get ready.

The upstairs area where the girls get ready.

Other half of where the ladies get ready

The ceremony area. The lights are an option for you to put up.


The search goes on!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Inspiring Women Athlete Advertisements

Something I'm learning about myself recently (or beginning to be able to express it in words) is my growing passion of empowering women. Most people have a negative perspective of what empowering is - but to me it is teaching young women to be confident in who they are. Whether that is an athlete, a nurse, a stay at home mom, or business women... my passion is to let women know that they can be confident in that. They do not have to depend on anyone else to define who they are.

I'm doing a project on women in advertising - I've decided to hone down on specifically the growth of women empowerment in advertising. I'm so inspired by the articles and videos I have been watching. These are companies that I really respect and would love to work with at some point in my life. Anytime a company can move past the sale of their brand, and inspire people to be truly just confident people, that is success.

Here are a few inspiring videos:


Sunday, September 30, 2012

My glorious Jesus.

What a beautiful picture. To know that we are gods children always being taken care of. We have a wonderful father who's heart desires us. What we know on earth doesn't even begin to reach our knowledge of his love and desire. How incredible!

When Christians here about being like Christ I feel like its almost this impossible idea that we say but very often give up on seaking. But how simple is it so chase the heart of god when he is full of so much love that is never ending. I think one of the simplest ways to become like heist is to simply sit and welcome in his presence. To turn on music worship and just be. Not letting my other thoughts come into play. That's one way I can grow incredibly deaper with my father

Being still is not the only time we can soak in Christs heart. It's when we're moving an life is chaotic. And you manage to get 6free meals in one week as a college student trying to save for a wedding. And you realize how Christ has your back and he is using others to bless you. My desire to love others through the blessings Christ has given me grows.

Sometimes I know people think that the love Christ has for me and hopefully reflects through me is ridiculous and can actually push people away by the fact that they are uncomfortable about it. But I hope I can keep loving them. Though they may push me away I hope that I will always be there when I see opportunity to Bless them.

My God hasn't given me too much love to hide. It's overwhelming to just sit in his presence and be anointed with such glory and grace. What a marvelous God he is. My father... Ya he is amazing. You should get to know him too.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tim's Side of the Proposal

 Tim's Side of the Story ::

To say I woke up on the day of my proposal would assume that I slept. That was not the case. I rolled out of bed and pulled the ring from its secret hiding place, just to make sure it didn’t run away overnight. It didn’t run. I went to church without the ring, for fear of losing it, or spontaneous combustion or something like that. I don’t remember much from the service other than praying that God would help me lead her in the best way possible. It was a great reminder to me to submit myself—and us—to Him. 

After church I tried to make the day seem as normal as possible. I went home, ate, went over a checklist of things with my parents, grabbed the ring and put it in the midget pocket of jeans that nobody ever uses, and got my backpack on the way to our favorite coffee shop. My sister heard I was asking that day, and she treated us to coffee (unbeknownst to Liz). It was so hard for so many people to not only keep it a secret, but to not show their excitement in a noticeable way. On the outside, I was studying, drinking my chai tea, and carrying on normal conversation. On the inside, I was running through my plan, wondering if my family had everything they needed to setup the space, and trying to not shout out “WILL YOU MARRY ME?!” as I looked at my beautiful girl study. I made it through the afternoon without blabbing too soon. It was the happiest and most excited I have felt in my entire life, and keeping that contained was soooo tough. But I had made it this far, I could go a little longer. 

We walked around some art galleries in Kirkland for a study break. In one of the galleries, there was a sculpture of two crows facing each other, with one holding a ring in its mouth. I said, “awww, he’s proposing!” . . . she said “No I think it must have stolen the ring from someone.” Great! Just the kind of affirmation I needed. I immediately felt my pocket just to make sure it was still there. We’re good.
Eventually we finished up our studying and work in Kirkland, and I tried looking for a neutral restaurant. Something that wasn’t fast food, but didn’t scream “I’m going to propose today”. A nice sit-down Greek place would do the trick. 

But on our way across the bridge I began to realize that we wouldn’t have time to get there, get seated, eat, and head all the way over to Gasworks Park before the sun went down. I decided to sacrifice the non-fast-food requirement and get something quick so we could get there in time. We tried to find a pizza place in the U-district, but ended up going to Chipotle. I was so nervous about the timing of everything! I did what I could to make up for lost time, and I swallowed three tacos whole. We drove towards the park but ended up being a couple minutes EARLY after all that, so I pretended to go down the wrong street on accident (I had been there two days before), and stopped to get gum because I HAD to get the taste of tacos out of my mouth. We finally got to the park and I sent a secret text to everyone that read, “We’re here! Hide!”  I couldn’t say much at that point. I was so happy the moment had come. 

I got to the stairs, and SURPRISE! There was my friend and photographer at the bottom of the stairs. Liz immediately said, “oh my gosh are you kidding me? Are you serious?? Is this seriously happening?” . . . I took that as a positive rather than a negative. We descended down the stairs, and had our last dance as boyfriend and girlfriend. Then I explained all the things I love about her, and how much I look forward to life with her—both the ordinary and extraordinary. At last, I got on my knee and asked, “will you marry me?” Our family popped out of the bushes they were hiding in to join us. We celebrated our decision together. We exchanged words, laughs, and a few gifts. The rest of that evening was a euphoric blur. But I’ll always remember holding my bride-to-be on that sunlit walkway that looked over a glimmering Seattle cityscape. And so life together began.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How He Asked the Question - From my Perspective.

It was a normal Sunday {September, 16th, 2012} ::

We went to church, then he supposedly went home to eat, get his backpack to study, and run. I went home and cleaned up my apartment some, ate lunch, and started on my homework.

He picked me up from my place and we headed to our favorite coffee shop (Rococo) to study all day. And literally, we spent the entire afternoon there. I worked on a video for my mass comm class and then edited my brother's senior pictures, while he studied for his upcoming exams. Several friends were working that day, so we visited with them for a bit as we ordered our coffee and he paid. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Then, we decided we were hungry. Time to eat! So he looked around on his phone for deals on Pirq, Groupon and the like. We decided to try this Greek Restaurant in Seattle and use a coupon deal he found. One our way to Seattle, he said the coupon deal was on a time limit, and we weren't going to make it in time..."Ok, that's fine! We can eat somewhere else!"

So Tim mentioned he knew this pizza place in the U-district that we could go to. He also mentioned that we needed to be at Gasworks Park by sunset

{ok? we can do that.. but why was he in such a hurry?}

I asked what time sunset was, and he quickly spout out - "7:15!"

{"hmmm.. he know's what time sunset is? This is awfully planned for a walk in the park," I thought}

So we wandered around, looking for the Pizza place and withno luck finding it, decided to just eat at Chipolte. He had a gift card anyways. So we order for to go, I go to the bathroom, and by the time I come out, he has eaten, and is ready to go! So, I grab my food and eat in the car

{At least tried to eat. I was beginning to get suspicious and my stomach was tied up in knots!}

We arrive at the park, and begin walking. He was awfully quite, so I asked what was wrong and he replied "I'm happy."

We get to the edge of the cement platform on the waterfront, and I see his friend Andy suddenly slip behind a wall, trying not to be seen. He was carrying a camera

 {In my head... I was going.. BAHHH!!! No... really? ya? With a heart racing at a million miles per hour of course}.

 We walk a little further to where I can see the steps going down to the lower platform, and I see a circle of rose petals and candles. Ok, now I know this is real. I begin saying "Oh my goodness! Serious! Is this really happening?" and the such... something like that. Either way, my mind was going crazy! We walk to the center of the flowers and candles, and he turns on some Michael Buble to our song "Come Fly With Me." We begin to dance. =) That was probably the longest version of that song EVER in my mind. He swings me around, and dances with me.

{tehe... so romantic!}

When the song finishes, he pulls me close and begins telling me how he has loved all the adventure's we've been on and how he wants to continue to go on adventures together and how he wants to be my best friend for the rest of our lives.

And then.... He get's down on one knee and ask's me to marry him!! And I said Yes, Of course!! Wooo!!

Greatest moment of my life to this point! Then I was surprised with my family and his family being there. (They had been hiding in the bushes).

Our families toasted to us with sparkling cider then prayed over us. It was all absolutely perfect.

And that begins the adventures of Tim and Liz being engaged...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Here's to wedding planning and being engaged!

Why long time no blog! Guess what! I'm engaged! Wooo!! I'm the luckiest, happiest, most blessed lady alive (in my mind at least). I'm excited to be engaged to my best friend and a man that leads with his head and heart in Christ. The kinda of man every lady deserves. He exceeds all that I could ever dream of in the man I desire to spend my life and adventures with.

So... I'm going to start blogging. Hopefully. Because this to be bride is the first of her friends to get married, has never really been involved in weddings, and well... I'm sure there are others out there who feel he same as me - lost when it comes to beginning to plan for a wedding. We're looking at about 8 1/2 - 9 months to plan. Bring it on baby! Oh ya, let's not forget just enjoying the time of being engaged, too! That's more important than all the craziness of planning a wedding.

Here's to wedding planning and being engaged! The engagement story and stuff will come later (along with more pictures)

The gorgeous ring!

Back at his parents house right after this handsome man asking!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

creating the perfect job

Everyday in life I seem to learn something knew about myself and my desires and dreams for the future. This is what I've currently learned about a future job. This would be my IDEAL:
  • Sit in a desk at maximum, half a day. I'm so much more productive when I'm moving around and planning or meeting with people.
  • The other half of the day, I want to be out and about fundraising, planning events and meeting with people for a nonprofit or business with a social cause.
  • Flexible schedule - I want to be my own boss. I want to be able to work from home if I want to one day. OR if it's sunny or nice, be able to take my kids swimming in the afternoons and work later in the evening.
This is my dream. Don't know what this will consist of. But, nothing wrong with a dream.

Liz Rose