Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wedding Venue 1: EM Fine Art

The biggest challenge that we've gone after first in our wedding planning is finding a venue. We have a budget of about $2,300, and to our surprise, that doesn't fit the frame of many venues. But we are determined to find just the right place within our budget!

After picking a date (June 23rd, 2013... woo!) we began searching the web to start finding venues. We decided not to visit any unless we had done our research and figured out if it was even in our price range or had what we wanted. I say we, because Tim has been an incredible help trying to find a venue. I love how involved he is willing to be in this with me and I really appreciate it! It's not to often I hear about grooms helping to wedding plan (granted, I'm not sure if that's the bride or the grooms fault there...) Either way, I appreciate it.

Several sights we've looked at include:
Wedding Wire

All wedding sites seam to have similar venues though, so I began looking through wedding magazines and doing google searches with key things I want or like. Such as...
"wedding venues with brick wall Seattle"
"wedding venues barn Seattle"
"wedding venues park"

I've also done those searches and looked at the photos... when I found a photo I liked that maybe a photographer took of someone's wedding, I would link it back to where that venue was and do the research.

So far we've found a few. Thursday night we went and checked out EM Fine Art. It was a beautiful venue, but a little small for what I think we need.The owner was amazing - really friendly, not uptight, totally willing to help you where needed... He answered any questions we had completely honest, including the safety of the area. Tim's concern was that because of where it was at in Seattle, that people might just wander in. The owner assured us he's never had a problem. He's been actively involved in that neighborhood for five years. The area has clean up quite a bit, he explained, and he knows many of the community members there including the police.

Here are a few things that may help if your interested in this venue.
EM Fine Art
Address: 410 Dexter Ave N Seattle, WA 98109
Phone: 206.963.0046
Max Capacity: (250 standing, 200 auditorium seating/cocktail reception with some seating, 150 banquet seating, and 120 seating at rounds) This is what the website says - but it would be VERY crouded to seat that many people in here. There really is no place to transition between ceremony and reception seating...
June Costs: Saturday ($2,400)
Service Charges: none - but you will have to pay for dishes yourself, because they are not provided.
On-site catering: no
Outside Catering: yes. With a prep area available
Day-of coordinator:no, but staff is available for transitions and initial set up
Tables and Chairs: Yes
Sound Equipment: yes (screen, speakers with capabilities of plugging in laptop or iPod)
Parking: Free street parking after 6 and on Sundays. Parking lot around the corner is really cheap.
Partytime: unlimited access all day - no curfew.
Decorations: Decorate as much as you want - they do have some lights they can put up.
Restrooms: two individual bathroom stalls downstairs - not ideal if this is where you want to get ready as well.

The main entrance to the gallery

The upstairs bar area - can be used as the place where the men get ready.

The upstairs area where the girls get ready.

Other half of where the ladies get ready

The ceremony area. The lights are an option for you to put up.


The search goes on!

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