Sunday, September 30, 2012

My glorious Jesus.

What a beautiful picture. To know that we are gods children always being taken care of. We have a wonderful father who's heart desires us. What we know on earth doesn't even begin to reach our knowledge of his love and desire. How incredible!

When Christians here about being like Christ I feel like its almost this impossible idea that we say but very often give up on seaking. But how simple is it so chase the heart of god when he is full of so much love that is never ending. I think one of the simplest ways to become like heist is to simply sit and welcome in his presence. To turn on music worship and just be. Not letting my other thoughts come into play. That's one way I can grow incredibly deaper with my father

Being still is not the only time we can soak in Christs heart. It's when we're moving an life is chaotic. And you manage to get 6free meals in one week as a college student trying to save for a wedding. And you realize how Christ has your back and he is using others to bless you. My desire to love others through the blessings Christ has given me grows.

Sometimes I know people think that the love Christ has for me and hopefully reflects through me is ridiculous and can actually push people away by the fact that they are uncomfortable about it. But I hope I can keep loving them. Though they may push me away I hope that I will always be there when I see opportunity to Bless them.

My God hasn't given me too much love to hide. It's overwhelming to just sit in his presence and be anointed with such glory and grace. What a marvelous God he is. My father... Ya he is amazing. You should get to know him too.

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