Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How He Asked the Question - From my Perspective.

It was a normal Sunday {September, 16th, 2012} ::

We went to church, then he supposedly went home to eat, get his backpack to study, and run. I went home and cleaned up my apartment some, ate lunch, and started on my homework.

He picked me up from my place and we headed to our favorite coffee shop (Rococo) to study all day. And literally, we spent the entire afternoon there. I worked on a video for my mass comm class and then edited my brother's senior pictures, while he studied for his upcoming exams. Several friends were working that day, so we visited with them for a bit as we ordered our coffee and he paid. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Then, we decided we were hungry. Time to eat! So he looked around on his phone for deals on Pirq, Groupon and the like. We decided to try this Greek Restaurant in Seattle and use a coupon deal he found. One our way to Seattle, he said the coupon deal was on a time limit, and we weren't going to make it in time..."Ok, that's fine! We can eat somewhere else!"

So Tim mentioned he knew this pizza place in the U-district that we could go to. He also mentioned that we needed to be at Gasworks Park by sunset

{ok? we can do that.. but why was he in such a hurry?}

I asked what time sunset was, and he quickly spout out - "7:15!"

{"hmmm.. he know's what time sunset is? This is awfully planned for a walk in the park," I thought}

So we wandered around, looking for the Pizza place and withno luck finding it, decided to just eat at Chipolte. He had a gift card anyways. So we order for to go, I go to the bathroom, and by the time I come out, he has eaten, and is ready to go! So, I grab my food and eat in the car

{At least tried to eat. I was beginning to get suspicious and my stomach was tied up in knots!}

We arrive at the park, and begin walking. He was awfully quite, so I asked what was wrong and he replied "I'm happy."

We get to the edge of the cement platform on the waterfront, and I see his friend Andy suddenly slip behind a wall, trying not to be seen. He was carrying a camera

 {In my head... I was going.. BAHHH!!! No... really? ya? With a heart racing at a million miles per hour of course}.

 We walk a little further to where I can see the steps going down to the lower platform, and I see a circle of rose petals and candles. Ok, now I know this is real. I begin saying "Oh my goodness! Serious! Is this really happening?" and the such... something like that. Either way, my mind was going crazy! We walk to the center of the flowers and candles, and he turns on some Michael Buble to our song "Come Fly With Me." We begin to dance. =) That was probably the longest version of that song EVER in my mind. He swings me around, and dances with me.

{tehe... so romantic!}

When the song finishes, he pulls me close and begins telling me how he has loved all the adventure's we've been on and how he wants to continue to go on adventures together and how he wants to be my best friend for the rest of our lives.

And then.... He get's down on one knee and ask's me to marry him!! And I said Yes, Of course!! Wooo!!

Greatest moment of my life to this point! Then I was surprised with my family and his family being there. (They had been hiding in the bushes).

Our families toasted to us with sparkling cider then prayed over us. It was all absolutely perfect.

And that begins the adventures of Tim and Liz being engaged...


  1. this is so perfect. i love you two and cant wait to celebrate this new adventure.

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