Wednesday, December 22, 2010

.chicken dance, crab dance, spider dance.

Today was a good day. Just overall a great day. Started the day out at 9am! woo! Getting to sleep in is awesome! Not working this Christmas break, so I really am just overall relaxing. I worked on a couple special Christmas gifts I'm making after getting ready. It really is so relaxing to work on crafts. I wish I had the space to work on the type of crafts I like to do at school! Excited for my special projects to be finished and for people to get them =)

Decided to drive through Columbia Park this morning to get a few pictures of the river with my Nikon but the river was so fogged over that I couldn't see anything. Decided to stop at the duck pond though and capture a few shots. Pretty happy with them. =) Beautiful day!

Headed to Kaile's uncle's house where I was meeting her and Monica and hanging out till 4:30. Kaile is watching her cousins for break =) They make me laugh. They are great!

Monica brought us Dutch bros and winco bagels. mmm good friends =) haha

We ate dinner at Kaile's house and just chilled till we left for the movie!

Chronicles of Narnia was amazing! Not better then the others, but overall still really good =)

Tried on dresses for good o' times sake!

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