Tuesday, January 12, 2010

.my new day.

My name is elizabeth. I've grown fond of the name erose on the basis that its my photography bussiness' name (erose photography). This is my first real attempt at a blog.

Lately I've made some changes in life. I've always followed Christ as my Savior, but lately it's differant. Things are in God's hands - time, education, family, relationships, career. Everything I could possibly think of! I'm learning this on a new level. Especially as college approaches and I'm nervous about finances. I'm being humbled on my knees as God oh so peacefully tell me 'wait my child and you will see my work.'

A recent event has also made me re-look over my life. The passing of Conner Knoblich. I had known him since middle school. No, we were never best friends, nor did we hang out  on a regular basis. It wasn't till a football game this fall in which I ended up standing by him and his sister Alicen. Conner had grown alot - not just in height :) but In his confidence. He was confident in life. He was the type of person who made you go - wow, now that's a nice kid. :He really loves living life and appreciates everyone around him. I complained of his lack of spirit nd the next week he showed up in a kamiakin pained trash can. He was the unexpected. Every Tuesday at key club he would stop me and ask how I was doing that week. Though I wish I could have known him better I know those moments He impacted my life were part of God's plans.

Attending his memorial, I relfected on the impact he had on people. What was my impact on people? How had I changed due to my experiences and environment. I wasn't proud of what I thought of.

So this is my new day. Today I woke up early and was able to fit in a much needed ab work out :) It energized my alot and enjoyed listening to praise songs on my way to school. I waived at strangers in their cars on the way home and gained energy for life as people smiled and waved back. I thanked mom for making my dinner early before I had to go to work and enjoyed a delicious piece of Oreo pie. I drove to work to a beautiful gold sky that set out of a gloomy day (I guess life can be the same way). After work I enjoyed the laughter as my assistant manager and I attemped to kick and carry trash bags and boxes to the dumpster. Now I'm home to reflect on this wonderful day in which I thank God for.

I love my life and my God.

Perfect song for today:
Brand New Day by Fireflight

I'm waking up
The world is turning
The sun is shining again.
I'm holding on
to things I shouldn't
It's time to let them go.
I've been on a loosing streak
Hit so hard I couldn't speak
But when I hear your voice
it fades away

And I can hear you say.
It's a brand new day
The pain goes away
I'm headed for the door
I'm going home.

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