Thursday, January 14, 2010

.stuck tummble weeds and flying cash.

Ok! So the Best night at work ever! haha Not necessarily in sales (though I did do well on getting my Maurices Credit cards), but my awesome experience started with trying to open the store doors on our way out tonight!

Closing with Corrine (my assistant manager), we were making our way out the front door at closing with three big trash bags and the money to deposit at the bank. Well being that there was 30mph winds (litterally - I checked), she asked me to hold her book. While at the time she handed my the book so she could lock the door, they money deposit bag went flying! So there I was, holding two big trash bags, chasing it, across the parking lot. Luckily it didn't get too far but boy did we get a good laugh out of it!

Then! I had to pull stuck tumble weads out from under my car that were huge. We were kicking them, and pulling them, and  boy must we have been a site! As soon as got it loose and let go of it, it flew instantly away from my hands. What a night full of laughter!

The rest of the day consisted of normal classes, wonderful tribe, and taking pictures in yearbook for the yearbook page! I love how diverse our yearbook class is! It's very cool to see all the groups come together. I did catch up with Victria over some delicious Subway at lunch :)

This is my day of joy number two. :)

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