Saturday, January 16, 2010

.late nights and dutch bros.

I'm very sorry for not blogging yesterday. I now have to start over with my attempt to start an habit (it takes 21 consistant days to make a habit) but that's ok. I have done four day's of ab workouts! YAY!

My reasoning for lack of blogging? For the past three nights I've had the honor to go to bed at 2am so that I could work on yearbook after homework and work that night. This morning, I kept my brain activitiy up by drinking a medium skinny chocolate mocha from dutch bros. Officially fell in love with a drink! It's soooo good. Especially when your tired. I got 2 new stickers to put on my water bottle too :)

Tonight I went and saw "The Buttler Did It" at school. The entire cast did a very good job and was able to connect themselves with their character. I really enjoy going to school plays!

Before going to the play, I went and bought my AP books to start studying for AP tests. Cost was $70 for three books. Which when you think about college, isn't alot, but in reality.

Picture of the day: my pearls :) I love to dress up - ever wondered why? Well I guess you can say we all have those things that make us feel comfortable. Wearing heals and putting together cute outfits is one of my ways to being confident. Yes, Ik materials are not a good thing to rely on, but they are not my world.

To conclude the night I watched a movie with the fam and painted my nails pink :) Very good evening of truelly relaxing fora little bit- something I haven't done in a while.

Goodnight friends:)

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