Saturday, January 16, 2010

"We Fall, We Break."

January 2nd, 2010 - "We Fall, We Break"
My surrender to God.

I fall,
I break,
shattered into a million pieces at your feet,
I've come to find mercy and strength
       as I face the shattered pieces before me,
my family and you,
my heavenly father.

Take me back
Though broken and underserving
I can only take shelter in you.

Forgive me father,
for I have placed you in the passenger seat
     of my life -
Expecing you to follow my plans.
Now I fall on my face with fear and grief
as the reality and results of my pride tear me apart.

How will I survive.
I will never gather these pieces together and make i whole;
Teach my Lord,
Oh teach me Lord,
to run with you,
run with freedom and peace.
For you are the God of life
the God of mercy,
the God of time,
the God of peace,
and the God of strength.

Father forgive me -
I am yours.
Let me rest as your child in your arms with neverending peace.

Lulliby me to sleep
with you amazing voice of passion and love
I am yours Lord-
your child ever so surrendered to your guidance.

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