Monday, January 18, 2010

.plastic people or real life.

Weather for today: rain. It is not very often in which it rains ALL day!

What could have been a gloomy day ended up being very refreshing. Though Chad did leave to go back to Northwest this morning, we met for coffee and talked for about 45 minutes - what I hardly remember. But I value that time with him. I'm so blessed to have him in my life. So far, everytime he's left to go back to college, we've met for coffee that morning - even if it was a school day. It's just a chance to slow down, catch up, and talk about life. I love it :)

had an awesome life group tonight in which we really grew closer together by opening up to each other.

I made a hemp key chain for my beads I've recieved in leadeship for the past three years.

Worked: realized How blessed I am for a good job with people I love to work with.

2nd grade Sunday school: ended up having first and second grade for a while. I love leadin those kids. I love connecting with each child. I love seeing them grow into beautiful young people. They simply make me realize why God created children.

I had a thought while at church this morning.
I sometimes get into contemplative states where I just observe what's around me. What is the church today? Is it the people or has it become the image of the people and the church building? As I look around, I find people showing up on Sunday mornings in their best clothing. Trying to look fashionable and like you have a perfect life - like you have no sin.

But I then stepped back into the postition of someone who's a stranger to the church. Now, I dont have the nicest clothes. I don't know how to behave in church - all I know is that there is a God and I want to know more about Him. But all these people are plastic people - perfect. They have no time for me, they judge me for my unshowered hair. Should I raise my hands? Because everyone else is - I don't want to look like an outcast. Am I the only one with problems?

What image do you display to non-Christians.  Are you this plastic christian that raises their hands when told to do so? Do you base your Sunday clothing off what other's would think of you in it? Do you fake that you have a perfect life with no problems? Or are you reaching out to the others who are sinners just like you. Do you focus on reaching the lost at church - because they are there. I'm not saying that the church is wrong. I'm only asking you to think of what you make of the church? Is it your everyday life - week if not joined with God and other followers - or is the building you walk into sunday morning. Just a thought.I hope you take it to heart.

Thanks for listening to my heart.

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