Tuesday, January 19, 2010

.popcorn chicken and books stacked high.

Hmmm. What a day. It's weird that now when I sit down to blog, I feel relaxed. Just being able to reflect over the day is nice. Even if reflecting meens thinking of my upcoming AP Physics final tomorrow! The first one and the hardest one! I've studied so much for this test that I will be very disapointed if I don't do well on the test - in fact I studied so much today for that test that I was sure my head would explode! It's ok - it didn't though. :) I survived with my popcorn chicken from my KFC kidsmeal. (though I was very dissapointed they replaced the fruit roll up for a cheese string!) haha

Found out I'm going snowboarding Sunday with monica and spending thursday night with Kaile. I love my friends. They're amazing and I love every moment with them!


Today I took the opportunity to talk to people who I either have never really gotten to know them or I have lost touch with them. This is such a highlight of my day! Each person has so many unique and positive characteristics! Today during the assembly - I people watched. haha There was one time where I caught a glimpse of a girl truelly taking interest in what her friend had to say and laughing as the conversation went on. It made me think, am I that friend who will always be there? What is my body language as I carry on a conversation with someone? I want to be that friend who's dependable and reliable.

My new sectionof my daily blog: the little things, the things you wouldn't think of as huge but can completely change your perspective on life. Sorry It's so long today. I just found so much joy out of today.

+Amy and Kelsie: woke up to my window's of my car chalked. Made my day :)

+ A boy named Tyler: yesterday at work a mentally handicapped boy came in with his sisters and his mom. As this boy (elementary sschool aged?), sat in the fitting room I waited patiently I passed him and his smiling face. I don't know why, but the second time I passed him, I turned around an got down at his level and asked how he was. He sad "good!" with a huge grin across his face. I asked his name and he said Tyler. I told him mine. The next time I went into the fitting room to check up on his sisters and his mom, he stopped me and started telling my all about getting to go to 'camp wooten' next summer and all about his best friend at camp.He was so excited and went on and on. Tyler had it all. He had it all figured out. He didn't care that He had to sit there waiting. He was just happy to be alive. Never once did I see him change that huge grin on his face. Tyler made me think of this song...

The Last Ones, by Matthew West

My friend Taylor she's an angel

Ten years old and beautiful
She's a living, breathing miracle
And she proves it everyday
'Cause the odds were stacked against her
From the day that she arrived here
And the doctors told her mom and dad
She'd always be that way

And I confess when I first met her
I was thinking life's not fair
But then she wrapped her arms around my neck
And it all became so clear

God bless the last ones (x2)

One day Taylor sent me a picture
from her Special Olympics race
And I could tell just by the looks of it
she was coming in last place

But she crossed that finish line
with a smile upon her face
as if to say

God bless the last ones (x2)

Maybe the last ones are the lucky ones
The ones who got this whole thing figured out
'Cause when they go looking for something beautiful
They start looking from the inside out

On our way into the restaurant
we passed a homeless man
He was half drunk and half asleep
with a paper cup in his hand
And I confess when I first saw him
I was thinking life's not fair
But then Taylor reached out
and wrapped her arms around his neck
And it all became so clear

God bless the last ones (x4)

Well I wish we could all be the lucky ones
The ones who've got this whole thing figured out
Maybe the next time we go looking for beautiful
we'll try looking from the inside out

God bless the last ones (x4)

Hope you were touched by that.

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