Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"For You are As I - Human"

to be surprised, I'm actually really enjoying finals week. HA! I had requested these few days off to study, and boy, I actually have time to fit other things into my schedule besides homework and work. That's pretty sad though.
Physics test is over: I got a 'C' which I'm happy with based on the fact it doesn't change my grade. I tried focusing before the test by putting my headphones on and listening to music. It actually helped! If only I could listen to music throughout my entire test. ASB Final: planned a game for the Brave Olympics we'll be having in the spring. Lit: wrote an essay on a poem that was about good things not lasting forever.

After school I went to wal-mart with Jayanah and sang loudly to thousand Foot Krutch, Nicole c. Mullen, Taylor Swift, and Regina Specter - what can I say, I'm a fan of A LOT of different music! I've recently found the perfect pandora mix of owl city and train. check it :)

I made a poster for the Vienna Boy's Choir ticket's that key club is selling. They are known world wide and are going to be singing at Faith Assembly (my church) February 23rd. It should be awesome! So Let me know if you want to buy tickets.

Did I mention I love photography and graphic design? I get so much enjoyment out of it and love to see my work when It's completed.If you ever need anything, just let me know :) I'd love to be creative for ya!

Switched over to Mozilla Firefox - so much faster.

Today I took the Senior favorite picture for 'teacher's pet.' As I edited the picture, I started to think, I wondered who this person really is? What interesting stories would they share about their life? What would I think about them if I just sat and listened to their life story for a little bit. Would I judge so easily? I know I judge. I would never hate anyone, but we still judge people and keep our relationships at a distance because of it. The other night I learned of someone's earlier in life attempt to commit suicide. In shock, I asked myself whether today I judged this person too much on their outside appearance and actions. Were they insecure in who they were and that's why they acted like they did? Did I judge this person to hard? I didn't know where they were coming from. I didn't know what they were feeling inside.

 "For You Are As I - Human"

I didn't know your dreams.
I didn't know your fears.
I didn't know your story.
Yet - I judged you.

Why do I judge?
I would never hurt a soul.
I would never outcast anyone
        for there appearance or character.
Yet - I still judge.

Then I hear your story.
Then I hear your pain.
Then I hear you lived through it all.
Now - I cry with shame.

Why did I judge?
You are as I - Human.
You are as I - insecure in my whole being.
Now - I ask for your forgiveness.

I want to know your dreams - for they direct your actions.
I want to know your fears - for they direct your emotions.
I want to know your stories - for they direct your character.
I will not judge.

You are as I - Human.

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