Thursday, January 21, 2010

.painted skies and molded figurines.

iinals are finally over! YAY! I did pretty well too! Nothing horrible that altered my grade.
My goals for second semester:
-Get an 'A' in pre-calc (by getting extra help and studying harder)
-Going in for a lot more extra help in AP Physics so I can average B's on my test at least.
-Study hard for AP tests
-Get to know more people at a deeper level

Most importantly, I really want to focus on keeping God close in my life. I'll be honest and say that it is really hard to fit in my God time right now. I hope that anyone who reads this will keep me accountable. I would like to find some Bible Study ways that work for me.

Besides finals today, I gave Mark a tour around school today (He'll be starting at Kamiakin on Monday). He's nervous but I think excited for the change. I look forward to going to the same school as him again.
Mark and I then went to DQ and split a 4 for $5.

I completed my day with my best friends. I went and sold tickets for the Vienna Boy's choir concert at HAPO. Didn't sell so hot - but I hope that some of you purchase your tickets. Kaile and I went to wal-mart where we bought supplies to make hygiene kits for people in Haiti. I'm going to go to a dentists office tomorrow and try and get toothbrushes donated.

Next Kaile and I went and hike badger mountain. It was a great reflective moment to be in awe of God's creation.

A few times I stopped and noticed how beautiful the city scape and the land around us was:

The city lights sparkled like fireflies off in the distance.

The mountain to our right created a the slope to the edge of the valley we live in. Sitting their perfectly, like molded from clay by God and placed gently there amongst the other hills and the winding river.

The sun set on our right below the clouds that hovered gently in the sky like fog setting in.

As I sat there in near silence - interrupted by the low buzz of the city - I was greatly amazed by God's creation!

How perfect did he create everything. The skies his canvas - the clouds brushed on ever so wistfully. The mountains molded perfectly placed like figurines in the places of his likeness.

To think beyond that, how intelligent our God is who places those mountains there so that our valley may be a place of life through rain and wind.

We must learn to see the Big Picture that God has for his creation - not only in the nature that surrounds us, but in the life we live.

I close this night - spending the night at kailes - in great awe of who are God is. I will sleep in peace knowing that all else around me - all my fears and dreams - are already planned and in his hands. They will be placed in my life like molded figurines and painted skies if I follow his great plan.

I love you Lord.

Goodnight all,

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