Friday, January 22, 2010

.pancakes and 7-11.

As of today, I have one semester left of high school! That is so strange to me! I don't think it will really hit me till AP testing is over and Prom is here. But until then, I can imagine time will fly by. Knowing that it will, I'm taking in everything that I can. Not letting the little things stress me out.

This morning I got up and got ready at kailes house. While getting ready I had a spur of the moment Idea of making food for yearbook today. Kaile mentioned pancakes - so let it be said, let it be done. We scrambled around the house attempting to get out to the car on time so I wouldn't be stuck in cage lot. (to me and my friends, that's the worst thing in the world.) ha ha Kaile ended up doing all the cooking though in Yearbook though because I had to finish the last bit of the Senior Section! WOOT WOOT! we are one picture short from submitting the senior section of the yearbook!

After school I went to 7-11 for Slurpee's! I'm very disappointed they don't have the raspberry Chrystal light flavor, but they did get another Chrystal Light one which was pretty good.

I ran to the bank - took a pink lollipop to go.

Came home and edited wedding pictures! Oh the one's I've done so far I think have turned out great! I've just done the pre-wedding stuff. You can check them out on my facebook of check out my erose-photography facebook. 

I then worked a couple hours (got called in)

Came back home and worked on more pictures.

I also went on a walk with my brother this evening. I realize I have not built the family relationships I could have and I hope to mend those.

Nothing in particular on my mind tonight but some good sleep.
So goodnight :)

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