Thursday, February 25, 2010

.leadership and prioritizing.

for some reason, I love taking on leadership roles! I am currently one of the people who is in charge of star search. I absolutely love the responsibility! Is that weird? haha I do not want this to sound selfish in any way, but its like that feeling of scoring the winning point for your team. That's what putting on an event feels like to me. I love to look back and be like 'I helped to put that on."

responsibility also includes prioritizing. Right now I have hardcore senioritis - I'm working - I'm in charge of several events - still have graduation requirements to fulfill. If you don't prioritize, I've learned that you won't enjoy the day. You'll always be worrying and complaining of how your day is not as planned.

I bought this shirt for $10 on clearance today. I'm wearing it tomorrow and I'm excited!


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