Tuesday, February 23, 2010

.a billion things.

.A Billion things I would love to do.

.paint a canvas.
.order photos for my room.
.replace my broken guitar string.
.learn guitar.
.play my flute.
.make a cookbook.
.sort my itunes genres.
.paint a verse on my wall.
.make my photography portfolio.
.bake cookies for some friends.
.make this cool t-shirt I have in mind.
.make a scarf with this pretty fabric i got.
.photograph t shirts.
.photograph shoes.
.shop at value village.
.shop at goodwill.
.make a sweatshirt.
.have a photo shoot.
.Sit and talk with friends.
.clean my closet.
.finish editing pictures.
.stop worrying about scholarships.
.stop worrying about senioritis.
.have time.

.a billion things to do.
.yet I sit here in front of piles of text books and AP books.
.They stare at me in the face.
.saying I'm more important to your future at this point.
.I'm not so sure.
.I want time.
.time to be creative.
.time to express myself.
.Yes, that's what I want.

Had free pancakes for dinner with the family. the pancakes were delicious! I am now editing wedding pictures... Here's a favorite so far....


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