Monday, February 22, 2010

.snowdin 2010 part 2.

So yesterday you read through winter camp on Friday! I forgot to mention that saturday night my life group dressed up like gangsters....

 nachos after Friday night service

Saturday was a much bigger day! Woke up nice and early and got ready in a freezing cold bathroom. Was able to finish my shower just as the hot water ran out.

7:30 I went to morning devotions in the chapel. It's not really led by anyone, but its a designated time and place for those of us who want to go and spend some alone time with God. I love it. Before starting my quiet time with God I made myself the perfect cup of coffee. A glass with three creamers - no sugar. Perfect! There was something very comforting about sitting down with a cup of coffee, my Bible and journal, and worship music. I prayed for a renewing of my Spirit. It felt like I could not get through with God and I was ready to see his face. I talked to God about some of my distractions in life - such as homework, work, and other 'jobs.'I feel like he has been calling on me to request every Sunday off of work. A little nervous about this though because I have an awesome job. God will have to give me strength on that one.

After Breakfast with my girls (French toast mmm =) ), we went to morning chapel where we just had worship and  played a few games. 

We then went to life group time in our cabins for an hour and half  and talked about the previous night and all that God had been putting on our hearts. We talked about knowing what we wanted from God while at camp. We talked life. Being back at school today made me realize how much I love these girls! I love having this accountability with good Christian friends who I know will always be there. 

We finished about 30 minutes early, surprising considering we always go over on Sundays, and most of the girls in my cabin decided to take a nap. Surprising how that works. In middle school, when you go to camp you hardly get any sleep. In fact your forced to lie in bed and be quiet. But by Senior year, a lot of girls are ready to go to sleep as soon as the nights activities are done and even take chances during the day to snooze! haha I found this ironically funny. 

Jayanah and I decided to not nap and go take pictures down at the Lake. It was beautiful! True reflection of God's creation. I think this camp would be awesome during the summer, but for winter it wasn't ideal. 

Lunch time! 

After lunch, Laura, Stephanie, Gabby, Rachel, Jayanah and I went down to the Lake and took pictures together! IT was fun! Here's a few....

We went and played a relay game in the gym with EVERYONE (200 people?) A lot of the games were games I had previously played at young life. Such as have 200 kids through there shoes in a pile and one the count of three everyone go and find them. WOW! PURE INSANITY! I thought I was going to die. 200 people moshing each other in order to find their shoes. haha Sorry I don't have pictures. I was playing the games.

We then had free time! A majority of that time was spent deciding what we would do for Late Night Live.  We decided on something to the song, "Your a Jerk." You will later see this when I talk about late night live. 

Service that night was AMAZING! wow. The Holy Spirit was in that place. the Sermon by Mike Garbutt focused on "Becoming tuned in with God." He talked about If we wanted to discover our mission we had to be tuned in with god. The entire sermon focused on Exodus 3. where Moses saw God in the burning bush. There was three things that we need to do in order to get in tune with God.

1) Start walking towards him. We can't encounter God unless we do this. This is important even if we feel like we are walking around in life blind. Moses first step was to walk towards the burning bush and see what was going on. We have to take that interest in order to find out what God has for us.

2) We have to take something off if we want to get closer to God. When Moses went towards the burning bush, God told him he was on Holy ground and that He needed to take off his sandals. I never thought of it like this, but in order to get closer to God, we need to let Him clean us of some things that are messy in our lives.

3) You have to be willing to come in second.

I wish every one of you could have been there to here this sermon. A tape line was made across the floor and we were encouraged to let God in and ask what he wanted us to take off. If we wanted we could write that thing on the line and step over and pray with our leaders and have life spoken in to us.

I really had thought that the only thing God wanted ME to fix was time. God fixed my thinking though and showed me some bitterness in my life towards my Dad and towards some people in ASB. I was still holding things against them in my mind and God wanted me to let that go and step onto Holy Ground with Him. I went forward, crying and released through worship my Bitterness. WOW! what freedom. I was so filled with joy after the pain of letting it go. I went to school today with a new hope and joy. That barrier between God and I is gone. I can't even explain how powerful God's hand was in this. All I can do is thank God. I truelly feel like running in open fields with god (like in a previous poem I've written). 

though it is still embarrassing to write what I took off in order to get closer to God I know its part of the growing process. I hope you guys keep me accountable.

Sunday morning devotions I was reading Proverbs 14:10, which talks about how with bitterness there is no joy. The joy I had previously had for life had been lost. But now that I am free of that bitterness I'm overwhelmed with joy. 

I love you my God. 

Later that night, we had some fun at late night live (talent show). Jayanah, Laura, Tieler, Jazmine, Gabby and I all performed a nerds vs. gangster thing to the song "your a jerk." Didn't win anything  but personally I think it was awesome! I got to be a nerd! (by the way all our girls dressed up like nerds until late night live)

I hope this works for ya: "Your a Jerk" 


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