Monday, February 22, 2010

.snowdin 2010 part 1.

This past weekend I spent without a computer! therefore I didn't blog! But I can assure  you, at least I hope, that today's blog will make up for it.

This past weekend was our winter camp for church - called Snowd'in. This year's theme was 'Frequency.' It was an awesome weekend full of a lot of spiritual growth and the building of better relationships.

I'll start from the beginning.
thursday -
I drove to the church Thursday after school excited for camp. All the snowboarders and skiers go up on Thursday where as everyone else comes up on Friday. I went expecting for God to show and for God to break down whatever barrier was keeping me from growing with Him. I had been so frustrated. I had been trying and trying, trying to figure out what was keeping me from getting closer to God, yet I wasn't finding it. I was ready to get away for the weekend - away from school, work, and all other distractions.

I arrived at the church and unloaded ALLLL my stuff  - a big suitcase, a blanket, a backpack, camera bag, snowboard, and snowboard boots. It took several trips. I met up with Heidi, Taylor, Tori,  and Gabby and said hi to Chad in passing as he helped to load the bus. I sat on the bus with Chad and slept most of the four hour drive to the camp.

We arrived at the camp about 9:00 (?). Dissapointed to find no snow, but we still made the best of it. After settling down into a temporary place for the night, a few of us headed over to the gym and hung out till 11:45, playing basketball and volleyball.

Seniors had a cabin to themselves since there was only one woman adult at the time. It was Gabby, Heidi, Tori and I. We quickly fell asleep.

Got up bright and early to go snowboarding! I was excited to use my new snowboarding goggles I had just bought at Zumiez. Me and gabby wore bandannas while we snowboarded. We had gone to 49 degrees North. Ended up not being very busy but very icy. But we made the best of it. It was only Gabby's second time snowboarding, so she hadn't been to the top of the mountain before. Well she told me she had and well as a result of her not really having gone down, it took us and hour and a half to go down.! WOW! I love her though. It made for a very sore trip for here - especially with the ice.
(haha... I have to upload snowboarding pics later =) )

Spent the day snowboarding with Derick, Carl, some of the guys, and Michelle. Chad didn't go snowboarding this time. One time, Michelle and I followed the guys through the trees in order to get on another trail. STUPID idea! haha Turns out the snow wasn't frozen under the trees. It was a foot of powder. That was fun. By the time we got through, we had lost site of the guys and decided (instead of undoing our bindings and walking up the mountain to the other trail) to go down a black diamond. It wouldn't have been bad if it wasn't SOOO icy. Had a few good falls which left me with a bruise wrist that hurt the next few days. Note: if it's not broken, try not to go to first aid. They will ask you a billion questions. haha your better off to go get snow yourself because that's all they do for ice.

I'm proud to finally be getting the hang of snowboarding pretty well! I hope to save for my own board and buy one for a good price this summer.

After the full day of snowboarding, we headed back to camp where we settled into our cabins with the rest of our life group that came up that day.

Service that night was awesome! Speaker for camp was Mike Garbut.  He talked about how there is differant ways to react when we're frustrated. They are
1) loose our temper (Luke 22:3-4)
2) Give up (Matthew 19:16)
3) change Strategies (Luke 22 to Acts 2)

He then went on to talk about why we can sometimes be on differant Frequencies with God. The reasons are
1) Poor vision (1 Samuel 3:1-10)
2) The enemy attacks (2 Cor 11:23-29)
3) Your to far away (James 4:8)
4) We're distracted

At this point in my life the fact that I was distracted was a huge thing keeping my from God. The next morning during morning devotions God again told me that I need to request Sundays off of work. GaH! I don't want to do this because I have a good job, but if its what God wants it will give me that one time a week to focus on God and my relationships only. This is important.

He also talked about expecting something from God at camp - I was expecting to reconnect with God.

I will continue tomorrow with the rest of the weekend. But for now it is getting late.

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