Wednesday, February 17, 2010

.Lord, free me.

lack of blogging = sadness. I really do enjoy blogging and I feel like i'm missing part of my day when I don't blog. It's just a good way to get my thoughts out on the table and out in the open.

This simple 'poem' I wrote explains all emotion and what is going on...

"Run with You"

I want to run.
I want to run free.
I want to run free in open fields.

The sun is beating hot across my face,
My arms are outstretched to the heavens.
I stop.
I stop and fall under the pressure.

I Fall to me knees before God.
humbled and crying out,
'Here I am! Take me God!
I can not do this on my own.
Forgive me Lord! 
You do not judge me for my mistake.
You forgive me and  .
you lift me up and encourage me through it.

Why, I do not understand.
Your love is beyond what I can imagine
You don't give up on me. 

God! Be with me!
Oh Father! release me into these fields of freedom.
So I can run with you God! 
I will run with you! 

Hand in hand.
Across the wheat fields,
the sky blue,
the sun golden,
the air blowing against the quietness.

We will run through the fields 
of this endless journey.
I can not dissapoint you when 
I am humbled at your feat.

Take me as your child.
Forgive me. 
Love me.
Free me.
So I can run with you.

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  1. Elizabeth, i love your pure and wholesome zeal for God.