Wednesday, April 7, 2010

.how does God do it.

Before I determined that I would go to bed at 11:30, I wasn't getting to bed till 1 or 2 in the morning because of studying, homework, and work. Tonight I had to work and I had lots of homework and I am still getting to bed by 11:30! What a blessing. I mean I could stay up and do more homework, but i have it set in my head that I'm going to bed early, so things get done and timed out properly. Such a blessing how god worked this all out.

tomorrow is One Day without shoes. People throughout the nation, young and old, where leave their shoes at home to raise awareness of people in other countries who do not have shoes at all. We are going to see what its like to live like this. Though the school is not going to let us go barefoot because of dress code, I am walking to school at 5:45am in the morning with a group of people barefoot. It's going to be a challenge. i'll say that.

I ask you to also participate. Go on a walk around your block, go do an activity you would normally do with shoes... take sometime, no matter how long or short and participate in raising awareness. Here is the Official Site. -TOM'S One Day without Shoes-

Today was a good day. My mom and I decided we're going to spokane Friday to go Prom Dress Shopping! I'm excited for a mom daughter day out of town :)

I came home from an early release school day and went on a 3.8 mile bike ride. I learned to not ride your bike in dress slacks - the fabric rubs the top or your legs leaving them raw. Not comfortable at all. haha

I went to work and enjoyed my day talking to customers and finding out about their lives....

I came home and had some delicious spinich and olive pizza. MMMmmm.... one of my favorites :) I also recieved a new Seventeen magazine. The only bummer is that I had too much homework to do tonight to really get to look at it.

My homework is now done and I am ready for bed. I will be getting up at 4:20 to get ready to walk the 4 miles to school. I'm very excited for this though..

Goodnight my friends =)

P.S. Jayanah and I made a hug zone, Hi-5 zone, Ninja Zone, and say "Hello" Zone at school today with chalk around campus. My favorite was the say "Hello" zone because we wrote hello in many different languages inside the zone. :) We skipped out on Chinese afraid that we would write it wrong and end up with something bad. haha

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