Tuesday, April 6, 2010

.next step - graduate.

I feel like just about every single person I know is talking about how they wish graduation was here. Facebook posts, everyone's blogs, random peoples conversations in the hallway.

It's April - I think probably the most challenging time of the year for us. We are preparing for AP tests. Trying to keep our grades up under senioritis and pressure. Teachers are piling more work then ever on us. And on top of it, we're trying to get everything squared away for the fall.

After listening to everyone talk about how they are still waiting on financial information to decide on the college of their choice, I'm so blessed to say that I currently have been accepted, received financial info, and completed my loan forms on line and my housing app. I'm very glad that God has taken this HUGE stress off of me. thanks God :)

Today was another windy day in the tri-cities! I wore my "Owl City" shirt that kaile got me with pride.

I tried to think positivelly of Mrs. McGuiness.

I went to the bank.

I finished some of my online loan applications and my housing app for Northwest University in the fall.

I studied for AP Psych and AP Lit Ap tests.

I studied for a psych test tomorrow.

I read more poetry for Lit then I should be reading in a day....

I went on a 3.5 mile bike ride when it was almost dark. Probably my favorite part of my day :)
I would like to get up and ride my bike in the morning....Possible? We will see. I have been getting 2-3 hours more of sleep a night which is extremely amazing!

I would consider it an overall successfull day with lots of accomplished. I just uploaded some pictures from Disney land on facebook.

I'm trying to stay motivated.
Trying to stay positive about school.
Trying to study.
But my brain keeps thinking about how awesome its going to be when this is all over after ap testing is done and my only class to worry about is Pre-Calc.

goodnight my fellow senior-itis friends who completely understand where I am coming from.
erose =)

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