Monday, April 5, 2010

.day two - goal will be accomplished.

It is Monday, and I will be going to bed by 11:30! Whoo hoo! awesome huh? And I believe that I got everything done I had on my to do list done tonight - a rare event.

Went to school and listened to my new favorite song that I posted on my blog yesterday. It was windy, and I don't like the wind, but I wasn't going to let that ruin my day.

Went to first hour where we just worked on the assignment - so I ended up just sitting there. It was a good way to start back into school. haha

My dreaded AP Lit class- Mrs. McGuinness is gone this week because her mother in-law passed away. Her father just recently passed away. I have begun to think that all the assignments she puts on us and the stress is a result of this. So! Instead of talking negatively about her all the time, I'm going to pray for her! I know it must be a tough year for her and I have to think of it as if it was I going through it. She does have a normal life outside of school. So that is my new challenge - despite how hard it is going to be in that class.

I had a dentist apointment today. I had orange flavored polish. I remember the days where they just had your three basic flavors of polish - mint, cinnamon, and bubble gum. No cavities! so we're good.

I spent the afternoon studying, doing homework, and studying. I have to start studying for AP exams now. yuck.

Kaile brought me my owl city shirt she got me today! I was so excited for it and can't wait to wear it tomorrow! It is Amazing! :) Thanks Kaile.

I did my budget on this handy dandy spreadsheat my mom gave me... If I want spending money for Hawaii and I want to save for a new car and a Nikon D5000 (WOOP WOOP!) I've got to stop spending on other things. EAK! that means no more buying clothes spuratically :( Plus I had to put out $95 for the national journalism conferance coming up next weekend!


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