Tuesday, April 13, 2010

.scooters and slug bugs.

What a wonderful morning! School didn't start today till 10:30 because of HSPE testing so Seniors and Juniors got the wonderful pleasure of sleeping in! Well.... sorta. I guess my sleeping habits have improved incredibly because I woke up at 6:30 this morning (an hour later then normal but too early for a late start) feeling amazing. I couldn't go pack to sleep so I just laid in bed for another 40 minutes.

At 8:30 Jessi picked me up in her purple truck and we headed over to Starbucks on Gage. We had some good conversations about things going on in high school, being ready to graduate right now, '2 months,' college, Guys, and Church.

We giggled at the strange occurrences that happen at Starbucks on Tuesday mornings. For example, three women, probably in their 40s, walk out for Starbucks with coffees in hand and.... one picked up a scooter, one picked up an orange and black bmx bike, and the other just walks.  They head to the sidewalk and start going down the sidewalk on their mode of transportation! It was the most interesting thing I've ever seen at Starbucks. haha

I seriously love just sitting and chatting with Jessi. She is truly an inspiring person who's whole desire is just to serve God and be in His will. I can not wait to sit and chat again and I hope its before graduation. =)

My day went well with going to only three classes. Nothing out of the ordinary. But we did have a group bonding day in ASB. Barefoot on wrestling mats thanks to my shoe choice of gladiators today. yuck!

After school I worked on my e.e. cummings essay and then went to work. Great night at work!

On my way from work though I had another odd, but funny occurrence...

Facebook Status reads...

Elizabeth Moberg i believe two hispanic men in their 30's just tried to race me in their silver slug bug. Yeah, I beat them...but it was somewhat of an awkward situation that made me want to literally laugh out loud.

2 hours ago · ·
I seriously just wanted to laugh out how funny this was. Oh...great times.

I finished my e.e cummings essay tonight and an FRQ for psych. It's now bed time at 1.22am. The idea of going to bed at 11:30pm worked great last week when I wasn't going to be gone the whole next weekend. It's ok. This weekend will be great! =)


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