Sunday, June 20, 2010

.coconut juice.

Wake up in the morning! 6:00am! What an early morning for our Hawaii vacation. It's so crazy how quick its gone. Everything seems to blur together! It feels like ages ago when we went to Haunuma Bay for the first time!

Not bothering to shower quiet yet, we slipped on some clean clothes and headed out to the farmers market held at the local community college! My one goal was to drink out of a fresh coconut, and I did it! So excited! This was on my bucket list for some reason!

When we arrived tons of people flooded the area and we had to park in the upper ground parking lot. It was a short walk through compared to that of the walk from the shell to Waikiki beach and the market (6 city blocks).

Immediately, I found the guy selling coconuts. I bought one for $5. He cut the top off right there for me and put in a straw. My first sip tasted good. Not like coconut. More like water with a hint of taste from the meet of the coconut. The meet of the coconut is the white part that lines the inside. It is kind of like the texture of Lemon Meringue Pie. haha Only it wasn't as sweet. The coconut taste was subtle, but it was still very good.

We made our way around the entire farmers market. Things were reasonably priced and made me wish I lived here so I could buy all of the delicious looking fresh fruit and vegitables! We did buy a bouquet of flowers for Kaile's Aunt Shelly (and it of course included a sunflower, the prettiest flower ever =) )

After showering and having lunch, we headed over to the Art museum. It was really neat to see all the types of work from different time periods and countries. MY favorite pieces were probably Japanese Paintings or some of the modern art sculptures. We couldn't take pictures so I don't have any pictures. But trust me when I say that God has blessed some with the gift of patience and putting intricate details into all of their pieces. We ran out of time, and didn't get to see all of it, but we did see a good majority of it.

After, we went to a Greek Restaurant. It was delicious! I ordered Gyro Chicken. It was delicious. Came with pita bread and salad. They guy also gave my Hummus even though technichally he wasn't supposed to give it besides and appetizer. I also got a strawberry carbonated lemonated that came in this little glass bottle - the soda was from France!

This evening we took Monica to the airport. She has to pack for Korea before going to Korea. I'm sad she had to head out early. It's weird that it's not all three of us doing things together.
Tomorrow's a day on the beach!

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