Monday, June 21, 2010

."Look! I got tan!".

6:30 - woke  up
6:31 - went back to sleep
7:00 - woke up
7:05 - went back to sleep
8:15 - ahhhh. Perfect time to get up!

This is how the morning went! Woke up, didn't bother to shower, put on my black swimsuit bottoms with blue and white striped swimsuit top! Got my beach bag ready, and headed to the kitchen! Nothing like coming out to the kitchen to find yummy pancakes covered with Strawberries and served with crispy bacon! Oh how I love bacon! =) The breakfast was for fathers day, but boy did I sure enjoy it! haha

Kaile and I had made it a goal to get out of the house by nine. Fail. We got out by 9:15. That's still not bad right? haha We were


headed to Waikiki! Me in the drivers seat and Kaile in the passenger seat. We turned on the iPod, since we finally learned how to work the chord and didn't want to be listening to the same songs over and over and over and over and over and over. Enjoyed some Jack Johnson and Regina Spektor! Great chill music when headed to a relax day on the beach! We parked at The Shell only to find a "Art in the Park" type thing going on. We briefly walked around, but decided to come back on our way out since they were there till 4 and we would be leaving before that. Not to mention we were carrying our buggie boards and beach bags! Just as we headed out, we stopped to notice a steal drum band playing in the park. To our surprise, it was the group from the tri-cities! There was Alyssa Hubbard and Brittney Pogue!!! We had seen that they were coming to Hawaii, but didn't know any other details. They were shocked to see us! What a small world huh?

We finally made our way down to Waikiki! The heat was starting to rise, so we ran to the cool waters and swam for a while. It was so refreshing and relaxing. We moved back and forth from the shore to the water and eventually headed out to go to Kailua (across the Island) for warmer waters and a less touristy area.

We of course stopped to use our free 5oz coupons at Frozen Yogurt. Decided with Coconut and Strawberry as my flavors and topped it with Cookie Dough bites, White Chocolate chips, and fresh strawberries. Delcious!

On our way back to the car, we stopped at several of the tables in the park. My favorites were the photographers. I enjoyed talking to each of them about there work, cameras, and experiences they had. Oh I love photography. At the last photography table we stopped at, we talked to the lady for 10 minutes or so. She was really nice and real. I liked her. I ended up by one of her photographs of a Peacock taken at the San Diego Zoo. It is a gorgeous shot and printed on a metallic paper, so all the colors really pop. I'm not sure where I'll put it yet, but it was a good deal, and a wonderful picture and I really appreciate photography.

We finally made our way back to the car and drove over the mountain pass with ease to Kailua. I'm beginning to understand the Hawaii roads pretty easily! I've also learned that Hawaii is the place where speed limits do not exist. Just go with the flow of traffic, which is usually 10 or 15 over the speed limit of 35 (on the highway). If you don't you'll get angry drivers passing you, or ran over. haha It's not dangerous though. I still feel safe driving. But cops are more concerned with other things besides speeding I guess.

We spent 15 minutes looking for parking over at Kailua. We ended up parking in front of someone's house along the street. A little nervous about parking there at first, but we weren't in the way, and it didn't say, no parking.

Walked to the beach and settled ourselves up on the sand. The water is so blue here! i love it! I ran down to the water and jumped in. It is so much warmer here then it is over at Waikiki. I'm not sure why that is. I floated around on the boogie board and then swam out with Kaile to the boui and back (only about .2 miles, but tough against the waves and a boogie board strapped to your wrist). After we laid out on the beach for probably an hour. My goal was to get tan today. And that was accomplished. I walked away feeling much tanner then I started the day out with! Yay! haha Only thing was that it was really windy. and the sand is really fine here. We walked away with a coating of sand. I had to cover my face with my shirt while lying out in order to keep the sand from blowing in my nose and getting gritty teeth. haha

We headed out and bought shaved ice. So delicious. Mango and Coconut with Condensed milk. Another perfect combination and hydrating after laying out in the sun. We headed home to pick up a few towels, since ours were coated in the sand that had been blown over us, and then to "The bay," where we met Kaile's family and a few family friends for a BBQ for fathers day.

The bay area was so shallow that you could walk out on the old reef and then portions of sand for probably about .4 miles. we only walked about a quarter of a mile though because the water was getting darker and we couldn't see our feet, so we headed back. It was really neat getting to walk out that far!

When we came back in and sat and chatted for a while, I then went out with Kaile's Aunt Shelly for a Kayak ride. Only difference was these kayaks you had to pedal. We Kayaked around the reef, under a bridge and around a little duck island. There were little baby ducklings that were so cute! By the time we headed back, my right leg was very tired. reason? We had adjusted only one of the pedals instead of both for length. So my right leg was coming closer to my body by 2 inches, doing more work that way. haha Ooops, oh well. =) It was still fun

We shared some delicious burgers and Chips.

I tried raw fish for the first time and found that it was actually really good! I'm not sick yet! So it must have been safe, right? haha
the raw fish is at the middle of the picture on the bottom

We then made some s'mores that turned out perfect when toasted over hot coals! yummy yummy!

Kaile and I then headed back so we could shower and pack. I was surprised by my burned stomach when I got home. ahah I guess when it's never seen so much sun in its life, your belly is bound to turn into the underside of a lobster right? haha It's not nearly as bad as the back of my legs though, so were safe!

I'm now waiting for my clothes to finish up in the dryer so I can finish packing my suitcase and pray as I step on the scale, hoping that it doesn't way over 50lbs! Here goes nothing!
goodnight! last day in Hawaii tomorrow!
Nighty night!

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