Monday, June 21, 2010

.Chicken alla something.

Welp, today kinda seems like a blur! It was our very last day in Hawaii! I feel like we had the perfect amount of time in Hawaii! =)

Today we woke up at 8:30. I will miss this when I return home! Not a care in the world - vacation! I've been getting so much rest lately and it's awesome! I've really been needing it ever since AP studying started!

We had planned to go on a hike this morning, but we decided we were too tired to do the hike. So we decided to sleep in and drive over to the Dole plantation for the maze that they have! We printed off our e-tickets before heading out, decided to hold off on showering, and headed out the door with our swimsuits under our dresses! I had just washed all my swimsuits out of sand the night before, so my dress became speckled with water spots from where my swimsuit bottoms had not yet dried. haha

We drove about 45 minutes over to the Dole plantation. We had not yet taken this rode during the day time and I absolutely love the landscape. The dirt was red clay, the trees green and blanketing the hills, coming over the highway like trees you would see in Africa. That's what the whole area reminded me of, Africa. I thought it was gorgeous!

We arrived at the Dole Plantation and bought our tickets to the Pineapple Shaped maze. It is the worlds largest maze! Even according to the Guinness Book of World Records! It took Kaile and I an hour to get through it. Though she kept wanting to cheat and use a map. Seriously though, who uses a map in a maze! What's the point? haha =) There were little stations that you stenciled pictures on your card with. We filled up our card, only getting bit by a few mosquitoes, and only really confused at one part, and made it back to the start. I had a lot of fun with it!

We walked around in the store and I bought my family a few souvenirs and bought my pin! I think I have 10 new pins to add to my collection of all the places I've been! I need to figure out someway to display them though! I was going to buy pineapple ice cream, but when I tried it, decided it wasn't worth what they were charging so just stuck with the pineapple juice, which was way better!

We headed over to North Shore and drove around for a while. We went to stop at the same beach we had watched the sunset at, but we couldn't find parking ANYWHERE! So we continued back to Waikiki beach!

We parked in the Shell, and walked to get our last treat of Frozen Yogurt! covered mine with tons of white chocolate chips and thoroughly enjoyed it! =)

The Frozen yogurt kept us cool till we got to the world market, where I wanted to by the knock off ray bands that were polarized to replace the ones I had just scratched with all the sand. This was my first time ever owning polarized sunglasses! They are so clear! And when you look out the car window, you see rainbows! haha =)

We then want for a quick swim in Waikiki to cool off and get our last Hawaiian swim in! It was relaxing and I enjoyed every warm wave that moved me through the ocean! We drove back and listened to "I want to be a millionaire" one last time on the stations that repeat songs over and over.

Made it back home, I cleared out the car, and Kaile vacuumed.

We got ready and struggled to get our bags packed so they were underweight! We managed and got ready just in time to leave for dinner with Kaile's Aunt Shelly and family.

We loaded our bags up, picked up shaved ice at a place where Obama and his daughter's had gone before, and headed to pick Emma up from Water Polo.

After, we all headed over to this Italian Restaurant that was delicious! It was a white table cloth and Chandelier type restaurant. I ordered Chicken alla something... haha It had tomatoes and spices.... it was good.

After they took us to the airport. We said our goodbyes and thank yous for letting us stay with them! So blessed by them and their hospitality! We checked our bags with no problem, though pushing the weight limit. Made it through the Agriculture check, and boarded our gate and flew out by 10:50. First all nighter flight.

And then

SLEEP (at least an attempt)


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