Thursday, June 17, 2010

.mud war.

Today was tons of fun! Met my family that I hadn't met before! It was my 1st cousin once removed, her husband, and all 4 of their sons. There sons are Mark, who is 20, Beau (who is 18 soon to be 19), Thad (who's going to be a Senior), and Jack (who is going to be a 7th grader). I thought that Thad looked exactly like Evan Anglesay. haha

The day started out sleeping in till 7:30. I then moped around, got ready, ate lucky charms and sat around working on a Photography website. Taking a while, figuring out what sites I like and how to do it, but I'm excited I'm actually getting to it! We left around 11:15 and headed over to there house.

We were greeted with hugs and then welcomed in and introduced to everyone, including the dog. haha They had a beautiful home. After introduced and welcomed, we got in there van and headed off to the hike. I sat in the back with Jack, Monica and Kaile rode in the captain seats, and then my Cousin Jennifer sat shot gun while her husband Mark drove. There Beau and Thad drove with a family friend of theirs that i'm currently drawing a blank of for his name (woops). We met there other son Mark up at the trail. We drove up a mountain to what seems like an area in which no people would live. But once we got up there, there were nice houses. It would be so weird to drive up there everyday after work. Jack was a talkative one the whole drive. He knows lots of little facts - very smart.

We started off hiking, old tennis shoes, athletic shorts, tshirt, and swimsuit underneath! It had just poured rain so we were ready for a muddy hike. Right off the bat, my cousins and I tried to figure out how we were related. We concluded that we had the same Grandma - Grandma Rose. The hike wasn't too rigorous. I was the first one to slip ... thought I would start off the hike a little muddy to allow my skin to get fully exfoliated by the mud. haha We continued the hike up and down and finally made it to Maunawili falls. The hike up included streams that I gave up trying to cross without getting my shoes wet, stairs, and lush green leaves. It was so beautiful and smelled like rain and humidity =)

When we reached the falls, we took off our tennis shoes, left them on the side, and swam across the water to the falls. Jumping off the 12 foot rocks by the falls into the pool of water (10-15 feet deep) was fun! Slipped once and landed on my side, but that's ok, couldn't spoil the fun! The water was cold, but not cold enough to keep me out. Monica was brave enough jump the off the 35 ft. cliff into the pool of water. Maybe I could have done it if I had started at the top. But there were no 35ft. cliffs for me! She had a nice land on her back that is giving her a bruise on the back of her thigh and a very sore tale bone. haha It was my first time jumping from rocks into water!

On the way back we walked through a really muddy patch. I couldn't help but to pick up a handful of mud and throw it at Kaile in the leg. Monica followed and hit kaile in the leg with mud. And THE WAR BEGUN! haha I ended up getting Monica and Kaile really good in the face. Actually filled Monicas ear and Kaile's mouth with mud by accident. haha They repayed me for that later. First mud war! We chased each other down the trail until we were caked in mud. We tried to rince off at the next streamed but that just made it obvious about our skin being stained from the mud. haha We rinsed off enough though that we wouldn't track dirt all over their car. We reached back to the van and headed back to their house.

Once back to their house we rinsed off and got changed. Jack (and Uncle Mark) made delicious burgers! We all prayed together, and sat down to eat and chat. We talked about college, movies, things we like to do, Hawaii, and other random conversations. They were really easy to talk with because they are a very social family. I love how close they are. We ended up talking for like 3 hours!

Before we left, we watched a few youtube videos with Jack, Beau, and Thad. Beau is going to Hamilton University up in New York. While a lot of his dorm friends drink, he makes youtube videos in his room. haha

I'm so thankful that they took the time out of their day to take us on the hike and hang out with us. It was so much fun and they were really sweet!

We then drove to 7-11 where I bought a strawberry cheesecake ice cream bar and Monica bought spam, with rice on it, wrapped in sea weed. I'm drawing a blank as to what it was called. It was warm though. I tried it and it was actually REALLY good!

I'm now back here chilling and blogging. Obviously. Good day, but tiring.  


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