Thursday, June 17, 2010

.a net over the sea.

Hello Beautiful World!
What another awesome day in Hawaii! =) This morning we work up at 7:00 and got ready. We are getting very used to Hawaii time. We were hoping to leave about 7:45, but didn't end up leaving till about 8. It's all good though! Everyone here is used to it, and very relaxed about time. Not as much as say Mexico though.

We packed our lunches! My lunch consisted of a Bagel with cream cheese and turkey, a Kashi bar, grapes, and pineapple. I'm loving all the fruit! Our beach bags were ready to go for a long, but awesome day.

As we headed out the door Monica took the drivers seat, I took shot gun, and Kaile back seat. We almost met face on with a sears truck going down there one way, steep, narrow driveway. The truck going up to fix their refrigerator didn't think it could make it the first time so it backed out and was sitting at the bottom. Well we figured if we tried to go down that maybe it would get the point and leave. It didn't. Instead it started to head up towards us with no intention to stop. So luckily we were able to back into someone else's driveway along the hill.

We finally hit the highway and made our way over to the catamaran place! We were using our GoOhau cards today. This is the catamaran we got to go on : ::Picture:: I had never been on a boat on the ocean (besides a ferry) so I was excited! The inside filled up quick, so Kaile, Monica, and I found places on the black netting on the front of the boat. I was so excited to be sitting right about the water. haha We tied our bags to the railing and took off our flip flops. Camera didn't leave my wrist the whole boat ride.

We set sail and covered the whole coast on half the island. Breakfast consisted of these delicious doughnuts and fruit. Monica ended up getting sea sick and throwing up. So that was a bummer. But overall, I enjoyed the water splashing my legs as I stood at the very front when the waves hit, lying under the hot sun listening to the waves, seeing a sea turtle =), the beauty of it all, and the fact that I got to experience it with my two best friends!

After the Catamaran, we headed across the island to Kailua and went Kayaking. On our way though we stopped at Pali lookout. It was really pretty! So windy in some spots though that we could lean, and not fall over.

I went Kayaking for the first time! We picked up our bright yellow individual Kayaks and headed a couple minutes from the Kayaking place. They were much heavier then I expected but we made it! haha

We unloaded our Kayaks in the water and paddled against the waves to a little island about a quarter mile of the coast. We landed on a small sandy beach and walked around the island. It was a bird sanctuary so the center was marked off, but it was pretty! The island was mostly lava rock. It was awesome to see the waves crashing on the sides of the rocks and be able to stand right there. Some people had swam out to the island in the waves....crazy. haha We did run into a couple making out on the island. It's treeless, so you can stand on one side of the island and look across to the other. It was very awkward. haha

We again got back on our lkayaks and headed back. Once making it back to shore, we swam in the clear blue waters that were warmer then the other beaches. The sand was finer too! IT was gorgeous! So relaxing! We doddled our way around on the beaches and in the Kayaks for the rest of the afternoon till 4:30, when we took the kayaks back.

On our way back we went to our favorite shaved ice place. Tried Lemon Lime and Coconut with Condensed milk. I decided I like the fruity flavors such as Watermelon and Raspberry better as a compliment to the Coconut.

Skyped with chad for a little bit.

Had leftover for dinner tonight - meaning I had Enchiladas mmhmm =) =) =)

Played Wii with Kaile, Monica and emma tonight and won! woo hoo! I only pulled through as winner though because I landed on the spots that took away your coins, the most. haha ironic huh?

Well, time for bed!

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