Tuesday, June 15, 2010

.mailing a coconut.

"Hang Loose" or Shaka, is a term I am slowly adjusting to! This morning I had no problem pulling back my messy hair and getting out of bed, slipping on some shorts, a tank top, and tennis shoes, and getting my camera as I go out the door! We arrive at Diamond Head park at about 8:15. Ready to go! It was a 1.5 mile hike consisting of a hike up, 74 stairs up, then through a tunnel, then 99 steps up, and then a spiral staircase of 33 steps! Kaile's Aunt Shelly kept us going... we didn't stop the whole way up! YAY! =) The view on top was rewarding! It was gorgeous!

The hike down was a breeze! Glad to have gone at the time we did because it was just beginning to get warm! We got down to the bottom about 9:15!

After that we headed home to get ready for the rest of the day! After showering and getting ready, I laid down on my bed, with the breeze blowing through my window, and started to re read the first few chapters of the book "Crazy Love." It's very good. The first chapter is called "Stop Praying." Questionable huh? I like the perspective though - so just wait. haha It's actually talking about how sometimes when we go to pray, we rush God with words and questions. But God sometimes just wants to talk to us and guide us! This means we can't just talk talk talk, we have to stop and listen. God is the creator of all things. He is the maker of the universe, past what we can even imagine. God wants us to stop, and listen, and just take in the beauty of his creation and just listen. I created a new page that you can see on the top of the left column. Those are all the little things God created that I love.  Here is the link to the video that goes with the chapter I was reading! .... Just Stop and Think

We headed out at 11. I got to drive! I was so glad to get in the car behind the wheel! haha We met Monica's family friends over at the University of Hawaii and followed them over to a Japanese Restaurant. I was really nervous that I was going to have to parallel park (because I hadn't done it in a while) but I was lucky and they had a parking lot! YAY! haha They paid for our food and I was very blessed!

I had pork, with rice, egg plant, pumpkin, and a couple other little Japanese side dishes. I got complimented about my Chop Stick skills by the Korean couple. I was happy considering I still feel so clumsy with them. Though I have used them 4 or 5 times just within this past week! haha. That's more then I usually use them in a year!

After the Japanese place, we went to "Panya" a little bakery, dessert bistro that had a drink bar in the back. They wanted to visit for a very little longer. It had originated in Japan and several branches have been started in Hawaii. It was very cute and fashionable. We enjoyed mango mouse and Tiramisu and fruit tea as we visited a little longer.

After that we went into the mall. The only stores we ended up shopping at was Forever21 (of course), American Eagle and Victoria Secret because everywhere else was to expensive! haha I was very proud of myself. I only bought 2 tops, a headband, and a necklace from Forever21. and That was it! haha =)

After the mall, we parked at the shell and walked over to Yogurt Land again to use our coupons. This time just got Cookies and Creme and Vanilla with Gharadelli white chocolate chips.

We continued the walk a few more blocks to The market, where we bought the last few of our gifts (for the most part). We let time pass as if not existant. It was amazing just chilling.

We found out you can mail coconuts. This little store was selling coconuts that were painted like postcards for $20. They could be mailed that day. I thought that was awesome!

On our way out the door there was an artist selling his paintings that are made with spray paint. I ended up buying one for $20. IT is gorgeous! 

We finally made it home in time to eat some home made Enchiladas. Oh amazing! I love Mexican food, especially Enchiladas.

That is my awesome day!

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