Tuesday, June 15, 2010

.milk, the sunburn cure.

So went to bed last night lying on my stomach.

Woke up 2am in really bad pain from my sunburn.

Lied in bed for 10min, decided I couldn't put up with it, and pulled out my laptop to look for home remedies for sunburns.

Ended up using one my mom had told me earlier. Limped my way to the kitchen and soaked two wash cloths in cold milk. Went back to bed, took two Tylenol, laid the wash cloths on the back of my leg, and prayed myself to sleep.

Work up this morning, lying on my back, and the burning gone. Praise the Lord! Milk remedy for sunburns works! I'm so glad. Because I had a busy day ahead of me!

I climbed out of bed and got ready for the day! The first thing we did was go to Iolanie Palace. It is the only palace in Hawaii and is the origin of a lot of Hawaiian history. We used our Go cards and picked up our booties to go over our flip flips and our little hand held telephone thing that we would use as part of our self guided audio tour. It took about 45 minutes to go through the audio and view all the rooms in the palace. It was so beautiful with its Chandeliers and paintings and wooden floors. I can't even imagine what the palace was like when it was actually in use. How beautiful it must have been!

After the palace we headed over to the USS Bowfish submarine. It is crazy how small their living quarters are. Like maybe 2 feet of space to sleep in! It was need to see though.

We then headed over to the USS Missouri where we toured the huge battleship. It was really cool! So many nooks and cranies to explore and look at! I thought it was funny when we walked on board and a boy about 10 years old goes "Wow! Those could kill a squirrel!" (said about the guns pictured below) haha. It was on Ford Island and we had to take the shuttle bus over the  bridge to get there because it is on US Military property. On our way back Kaile did fall asleep. She woke up with her hand prints in her legs in two places from where her hands were pressed while she slept. It was very obvious as she walked and it made me laugh. haha

We then went to Wet'n'Wild Hawaii. We only had an hour and half before the park closed, but the park was not busy at all and it was small enough that we were able to do everything we wanted to! My favorite rides were the racing one (where you laid down on mats and pushed yourself on and then raced up and down the water tubes). My other favorite was the one where we dropped 50 feet then went up and down the sides of 2 walls until we stopped.

We then headed home in all the traffic. Interesting story though. Kaile had her first accident! I have to thank mom for telling me what to do if I was ever in an accident because I think it helped to ease the situation. Kaile got in a fender bender on the freeway when traffic stopped and she just kept rolling forward. The lady she hit then hit someone else. No worries, everyone was ok. No damage really, but the cops were called because the lady Kaile hit was ticked. We pulled in a shopping center and waited for the cops to show up. Exchanged insurance info, and we were on our way. I'm just glad it was nothing worse then that!

The rest of the evening was spent eating dinner and then playing Monopoly. I went bankrupt and Kaile's Aunt Shelly ended up winning! haha
now its time for bed!


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