Monday, June 14, 2010

."The Sandy Beach".

YAY! Got up this morning about 7:00am for our surf lessons! Learning how to surf has been one of my dreams and on my bucket list! So I was so excited to get to actually scratch it off! We found our way to "Ocean's Beach Gear" where we signed up for our surf lessons for $60. We had one hour with an instructor and one hour of just rental for later that day. We started our lesson with instructor Corban. He was probably in his 30s or 40s. He was very nice and patient. We started out learning how to paddle and turn while lying on our stomachs on surfboards while in the sand. We then learned how to stand up. It was now time to take our boards into the water! OH boy!

We got in the water and paddled our way out to far enough to where we had decent waves for beginners. We didn't have huge waves to start with, but I am just fine with that! I had to start somewhere! He would hold our boards and push us off and tell us to paddle and we would have to get up on the board. I got to go first and I did it!  I was so excited! haha I did learn though, DO NOT look at your feet. Keep your head forward or you will fall off for sure! I had my fare share of falls, one of them hitting my chin on the board, but it was so much fun and the hour went quickly.

After our hour, we decided to break and lay out in the sun and dry and get "golden" haha. This was seriously awesome. My face is peeling from my first burn, so I covered it up in a towel and just lied under the warmth. This is Hawaii.

We then headed to Frozen Yogurt! Yummy! Nothing like a cool down with frozen yogurt. Delicious flavors topped with Gharadelli White Chocolate Chips. SOOO good! =)

We then walked back to get our hour of surf rentals. What turned into an hour really resulted probably in several hours. They didn't really care, just bring your board and return it when you come back in. That was all. It was so frustrating to try to learn how to surf without the instructor there! Turning around, and timing yourself and getting up on a wave was much more difficult by yourself. I was very determined to not quit till I got several good waves. Kaile and Monica ended up going in way before me, but I was going to get it. After cutting my foot on a rock from falling off, and having a rash burn on my arms from climbing back on the board everytime I fell off, I finally got some waves getting up onto my knees. I was a little to late everytime to stand up. The last two times I went I was able to stand up on the waves. I was excited =)

My determination did lead to a sunburn - a BAD one. The worst one I've experienced since I burned the back of my legs at Murtil Beach, SC when I was like 10. I burned the back of my legs so bad that it hurts to walk, sit, get in the car... haha They feel like they are on fire. I texted my mom and she gave me several home remedies. I ended up taking a bath in White vinegar. took some of the pain out. With Noxema continually being reapplied the pain is beginning to go somewhat away. haha

On our way back out to the car we walked along the sidewalk looking at all the artwork that was being shown. There were some beautiful canvases! My favorites were: a surf one with just the surf guy as a silhouette, a purple sunset picture, and one other sunset that all the colors were so contrasty! I wish they hadn't been so expensive or else I would have bought one. I wish I could paint. Canvas' can be so beautiful!

We headed home about 2pm for a lunch break and getting our beach stuff together.

My legs really began to burn at this point.

funniest thing happened next: Kaile, Monica and I went to "The Sandy Beach." A beach where all the locals go to and no tourists. We immediately felt out of place, being tourists, but continued to walk down to the huge waves and sandy beach. Monica found a place to lay out on the sand and Kaile and I proceeded to go to the waves ...with our boogy boards in hand. Reluctantly looking at the waves Kaile said "I'll go!"

She proceeded to jump in the water on her boogy board over a small wave. Instantly a wave engulfed her! Body board went flying up in the air, and kaile went rolling up on the shore covered in sand in every area inside and out! She had a local rolling in the sand laughing and had a life guard tell her that she better go someone where else! I was laughing so hard I was crying! Actually I was laughing for 20 minutes in the car till we reached the other beach. HAHA I will never forget this memory. 

We headed down to the other beach where part of LOST was filmed. Actually lost was filmed on this island and Kaile, being obsessed with the show, constantly keeps talking about it and getting excited about this fact. haha Monica and I boogy Boarded in the water for a while, while Kaile chased crabs in and out of wholes. We then took fun pictures. 

At this point I was walking very stiffly and could barely sit in the car. So we dropped Kaile off at the house so she could wash all the sand off and Monica and I headed to food land to look for a sunburn cure. Kaile didn't think that Food Land would have sunburn stuff but it was actually very life Albertsons (sorry had to point that out for Monica haha). I ended up with the remedies I mentioned earlier.

We then had to take a quick detour to Ross. haha Monica bought sandals and I got a cute sleeveless black cardigan. haha

Now it's time to find out how to sleep without touching the back of my legs. haha



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