Saturday, June 12, 2010

.i saw dori.

Today I'm going to be adding to this blog as the day goes on... I think it will make life easier! haha

This morning I woke up at 6:00am. On they day we were going to sleep in! I lied in bed till 7:30, when I started to smell Cinnamon rolls. I was greeted by Charlie (their dog) on the side of my bed, and after rolling around for a while, made my way to the kitchen to eat a delicious Cinnamon roll. The dogs lied at my feet begging me for any little scraps.

Kaile and I switched beds! She got her way, and I got mine. So, perfect! She wanted the more comfortable bed! and I wanted the bed in front of the screen door and with all the plug ins closer to my bed. haha I'm now sitting next to the window, with the breeze blowing through. Oh how beautiful! =)

We headed out to go Snorkeling again at Haunumu Bay. It was the perfect day to go because the breeze was down and the tide was lower, so we could go further out. There was a lot more fish to see! I saw Dori =) and type of sea creature that has really white long legs. Sea cucumbers, Sea urchins, and lots of bright fish! Oh! and little baby fish that were cute =)  We lied out on the beach for a little before going back in one more time and I think I am starting to get pretty tan now! Well, STARTING haha

Ok, so turned out that part of that tan ended up being a burn on the back of my legs. But I do have a red patchy rash on my bag and front of my legs that itches - not thinking that's just a burn because it doesnt burn like a sun burn.... not sure what it is. Maybe an allergic reaction to something in the reef? It did happen both days I went to the reef...

After snorkeling, we went to get shaved ice again. Raspberry and Coconut with condensed milk. Delicious!

This evening we went to Kaile's Aunt's son's graduation party. He was having it with his best friend over at his house. It was a drive but we made it out there about half an hour early to help set up a few things. We got kinda bored though considering we don't know anyone and everyone was playing soccer - because Keegen and his friends are like amazing soccer players. haha  We sat and chatted most of the time and now we are back at the house! I simple day, but well enjoyed =)
the georgeous view on the way out to the party! 

this is monica board and dancing and being my crazy friend haha

goodnight all,

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