Friday, June 11, 2010

.night on the town!.

So after everyone got all rested up today, we dressed up in sundresses and cute outfits! =) I wore my new dress from forever 21 that I love. My purse was lite, and I love that. A sign of summer. My hair was blow dried for the first time on the trip, and I was makeup free. A night out on the town...haha

We parked over near the zoo and walked the couple blocks over to the frozen yogurt place. We had coupons for a free 5 oz. We ended up going over but that's ok, it was still quite a bit off. I enjoyed my frozen yogurt with raspberries, mangos, chocolate chip cookie dough pieces, Gharadelli White Chocolate Chips, and one gummy worm. mmhmm delicious! We continued to walk down to the market.

At the market we shopped! =) A majority of all the booths were managed by asians. haha That's not racist, that's just the truth. I bought a Hawaii shirt, a dress, some gifts and a Ukulele! =) After searching around for the Ukulele I wanted, I finally found one with some good strings and a nice size for $16. I'm excited! I'm gonna learn how to play! haha It's gonna be awesome! We experienced good customer service, and poor customer service, but all in all it was a successful shopping trip!

After we headed out to a Japanese restaurant. No clue what I was ordering - but I ended up with beef broth, with noodles, and a hardboiled egg, crab, pork, and seaweed. It was good! I didn't know I was ordering a soup type thing though.... haha But at least I liked it!

After we walked a block over to the main street where there was a festival going on for a holiday that's going on here today. They had vendors, and live performers - Japanese drum performances, Hawaiian dances, a couple bands, and a group that sang a couple newsboys songs. It was all really cool! I love seeing all the culture. So diverse and I love it.

We walked along the expensive strip - Gucci, LaSport, Juicy Couture, Apple, Coach, Bebe, Ferrari, Luis Vouton, Burberry... haha They supposedly had a forever 21 that was three stories, but I think it is in the process of being built.  I was very disappointed. haha

 After walking back the several blocks (at 10:45pm) - with our key in hand and cell phones out, trying to stay close to groups of people, we made it back to our car safely.

We are now home! And I'm ready to go to bed! haha

So goodnight my friends =)

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