Friday, June 11, 2010


It's 1:50 here and Monnie and Kaile are going to take there naps.... haha No offense to them, but I'm a lets see and do everything on vacation type of person, so I wish I was out lying on the beach. but that's ok.... I got to shower and now I get to blog!

This morning was fun! We got up nice and early, 7 o'clock (which still feels like sleeping in to me because my body hasn't fully adjusted yet), and put on our swimsuits and packed our beach bags. After opening the box of lucky charms, finding it ripped and stale even though the box was sealed, I was forced to have to eat healthy - rasin bran. haha It's ok, it still tasted delicious!

We headed outside to the van where there whole family, including their sons girlfriend, Kaile, Monica and I, headed to the beach to paddle board.

It was so much fun! The board is like a surf board, but bigger and has grip padding on top. You strap the Velcro around your ankle, climb on, and stand up, trying to balance yourself. It was pretty easy and very relaxing to be paddling with one ore through the water. Monica went further out and saw a sea turtle. She was very excited. haha

The rest of the morning we continued to paddle board and hang out in the water. It was lots of fun! Making me love Hawaii more and more! =)


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