Thursday, June 3, 2010

.one last day.

Wow! awesome day! filled with joy and sadness.

-this morning I woke up in an awesome mood. I opened my window to find my car painted with "Congrats Grad" and "Love ya" and a whole bunch of other sayings. To top it off there was a 2010 flag hanging from my car window. My parents had done it last night. IT was pretty sweet of them! =) Only sad thing was that the flag broke and I lost it on my way to school.

-SENIOR LOT! woot woot! As I pulled in through jock lot entrance, everyone was screaming and cheering! It was awesome! then they saw Mark in the back seat and made him get out because he was an underclassman.Ah haha I thought that was awesome! :) He wasn't happy though

Senior week items included doughnuts, friendship bracelets, and more fake tattoos!

First hour we poorly attempted to fix hot air balloons! The chiou's let go of there string and Miss Tillenburg freaked out that there hot air balloon was going to start something on fire as it floated at rooftop height. haha She made these beautiful cupcakes with the petals being marshmallows cut at angles! Said my goodbyes! :(

2nd hour was sad.... Underclassman put on a breakfast. We exchanged beads (a tradition) and many tears were cried. A toast was held to seniors and Kailee gave a goodbye speech. At this point everyone was crying.

I also got to ride Ginger's gator! I life long dream! haha It was her last day working at Kamiakin, so she gave some of us in ASB the opportunity to drive it! I was so happy!

Lunch time we made our final run to Winco.... we opened our fortune cookies for the last time at a high school lunch, and most of them had to do with friendships. Except for Kaile's. Hers was about being on a  boat and water. haha  (:hawaii!)

5th hour we hung out and signed yearbooks!

In yearbook, we had rootbear floats and handed out class awards and gifts. I got a "Wally" pen that bobbles it's head, a yearbook editor pen, and a dove chocolate bar - because I'm "sweet and a peace keeper" haha =) It was sweet. We took a group picture!

After school was the balloon release for all the seniors. =)

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