Saturday, June 26, 2010

.rancheritos and penguins.

Was woken up this morning to my grandma coming into my room telling me my alarm hadn't gone off. only to find that my alarm didn't even go off for another 30 minutes. My grandma was already ready to go and I was still snuggled up in bed still. Awesome - my grandma's so cool.

this morning we went to Old country Buffet as a family. Good was fresh considering we got there 10 minutes after they opened. My favorite part of the breakfast? Grapefruit. yummy yummy!  I had never eaten it before Hawaii. But I decided I really like it! I enjoyed the laughs with my family and my brother's sense of humor that is said with a strait face. haha

I headed to work at 9:30 ready to start my shift at 10am! Morning went well! Flow into store was consistent. I enjoyed getting to help out customers who really wanted you to shop with them. It's always so much fun and i enjoy getting to know them, what they do for a living, why they are shopping or what for, and their plans. I had a pretty lengthy conversation with a customer I wasn't even helping shop while I folded the denim wall all because I told her I liked her pants. That turned into a conversation about where she got them. and then why she moved from california. And then her plans to go to UW in the fall. And then the weather. and then Wow bubble tea..... I really like how easily the conversation flowed as if we had known each other forever. We probably talked a good 5 minutes. The store was dying down by then, so it was ok to just be standing there and talking to her. I love people connections.

One thing for sure, working at Maurices has really helped me to develop my skills of carrying on conversations with new people!

My lunch break I found a bag of Rancheritos, a fake rose, and a card in my car. =)

Went over to Starbucks where I discovered a Iced Skinny Grande caramel machiato is not the same when its low fat. I sat outside in the sun and heat and enjoyed my lunch break - eating out of a lunch box. haah I felt a little funny carrying it across the parking lot to Starbucks, but that's ok. I'm confident enough. =)

Oh! I had gone and bought beach towels for my girls at Royal Family! I'm so excited! I pray everyday that their hearts are being prepared for their week at camp. Not only their hearts though, but that God will prepare for the challenges that I will face that week and the connections I hope to make. God has big things in store. Though my 4th year going to Royal Family, it's my first year going as a counselor and not a teen staff. A little nervous, but I know it's all in God's control! (The towels I got are so cute! One has lady bugs and butterflies and is lime green. while the other is orange with penguins hanging out on the beach. It's awesome)

After work I camp home, ate dinner, and watched a boxing movie with my mom and grandma. It was a good movie. I love inspirational movies. I painted my nails coral color while in the process.

Attempted to practice strumming on mi guitarra, but got frustrated and decided I was probably being to loud at 11:30 at night. So here I am, writing my blog and bout to go have God time.

Keep smiling friends,

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