Friday, June 25, 2010

.at peace with God's big plan.

I discovered the reason why my alarm didn't go off this morning at 7pm tonight. haha I ended up waking up at 9:30, not getting my God time in before I had to leave for work at 10. It's ok though, because I'm going to have it as soon as I'm done with my blog!

Today I worked all 11 - 8. Eight hour shift. Busy day, but for some reason I stayed energized throughout the shift and had a very good day at work! I love the people I work with. They make me laugh with all their little quirks - like Gladys making random noises as she does things. haha

came home and watched a movie about a coach who moved with his wife in the 60s to coach varsity boys basketball. He ended up having to coach girls basketball and he was very upset about this because the Girl's team was horrible. The whole movie was about how he grew as a person, learned different coaching methods, and worked against the adversities of different people. It was a very good movie. And actually a true story!

Watched it with Mom and Grandma. When sitting there, my mom reminded us of the last time that my grandma was here and we were watching a movie and eating apple pie. Instead of standing up and not moving the plate, she instead moved the plate up as she went up, and ended up shoving the plate of whipped cream covered apple pie. haha I remember her looking over and having whipped cream all over her face. haha it was Hilarious!!!! It gave us a good laugh.

My grandma and mom made me some pillowcases to go with my bedding at college and my bedding at home! They are so cute! i washed my sheets and am now waiting for them to finish in the dryer so i can crawl into a clean bed. Ahh... I love that feeling.
the pillow case made for my bed at home!
 my bedding is black and white with a trim of the pink color. So they added the black and white to the pillow sham i had bought! So cute! 
I sense that God has big things to come in my life. It makes me excited. To see his plan working out right now. Though still unsure of what's to come, I have no fear and am trust God of what's to come. I'm excited to see what God has in store for me.

goodnight friends.
love you all!

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