Wednesday, June 30, 2010

.pan dulce.

What a wonderful day! Well besides the fact that we had to take grandma to the airport at 6am this morning. I work up, slipped on my denim capris and key club t-shirt with green flips flops and climbed in the car after pulling back my hair. My Dad waved goodbye from the garage and Mom, Mark and I drove off towards the pasco airport. The drive there was filled with light jokes and funny memories in order to make the drive less sadening. Once arriving at the airport and getting grandma checked in, we watched her go through the gates. We waved goodbye until we couldn't see her anymore. I'm so blessed with such a sweet grandma. It was sad to see her go back home.

After we came back home, I had the urge to go on a bike ride since Dad and I fixed my bike the other day. The chain was bent at one point and kept slipping. Making it very hard to ride very far at all. My bike ride turned into a 16.7 mile ride.

Route was:
Turn on Pittsburg
Ride down hill, take left on street in front of costco.
Take left on Gage.
Take right on Steptoe
Ride all the way down to round a bout
Take Columbia Drive down to Columbia Park
Ride the bike trail all the way through columbia point past blue bridge.
Turn off and get onto Columbia Drive in downtown Kennewick (kitty corner to Fruitland St)
Stop at Mexican Bakery
Take Fruitland all the way to 4th Ave
Ride 4th Ave to South young place
Take right and see old house
get back on 4th ave
Ride to Columbia Center
Go home....

It was a good bike ride the resulted in sore butt muscles . haha

I loved stopping at Panderia Estrella. They always look at me funny when I go in and don't talk to me because they don't speak English very well. But I figure if I go in enough their bound to get used to me. haha It was empty when I walked in, but bought three pan dulces. One for me now, and two to take home to mark and mom. It was delicious =)

Through Columbia Park I was glad to see that their was no homeless people sleeping in the parks at all. I did find one interesting site. As I was riding past the blue bridge I noticed a flock of 50 ducks. They were floating in the water with the current - backwards. I found this hilarious. It's like they didn't want the sun to get in their eyes so they just turned around. ah it was a great site

I also said Hi and goodmorning to everyone I passed. I met a diverse group of people from my house, through Columbia Park, through Downtown Kennewick, and all the way down 4th. Some friendlier then others, but I found it amazing of the diversity.

Also the park was gorgeous. How the water reflected like Glass and the area was just so green!

The afternoon was spent with my new awesome phone "HTC Evok." Its the first 4G network phone and it's awesome. I love all the features and I continue to constantly be messing with it!

Evening was spent with Kaile and monica. It was Monica's last night in the Tri-Cities. =( She flies out tomorrow morning for Korea and then will come back in September to head up to school. I will miss my besty for sure! I'm glad our schools are not far apart though.

We watched "When in Rome." Movie makes me laugh everytime. and took a walk to the park and back with the dogs. While at the park, Monica got stuck on a little spinny toy and couldn't get off. I was laughing so hard as she screamed for help that I couldn't stop to help her off. haha It was a great moment. I'm sure she'll get over the emotional damage some day! =) A delightful evening!
now bed time,
goodnight beautiful world,

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