Thursday, July 1, 2010

.Yeah, you've got a friend in me.

why hello world.
this morning i woke up and got ready for the day! Decided on my denim dress.

My major task crossed off my summer to do list today was go through all of my high school papers that I've been holding onto from AP classes and all that sorta stuff. My pile was huge on the floor! I kept some of my study books for courses I might take in the future and of course my Psychology stuff! YaY! Can't wait to go to college and study psych. Anyways, I had enough paper to fill have a green garbage bin with paper. It was ridiculous! At least it was proof I worked hard in high school. haha

After that I cooked some pasta. It turned out decent - mixed it with onions, ground pepper, garlic powder, lime, and olive oil. It needed more flavor though.... something stronger. Any ideas?

I finished my lunch, read some emails, and went through some more pictures on my computer! Then got ready for work and headed out.

Work wasn't too busy today! Actually it was pretty slow when I first started my shift.

After work I came home and had dinner with my family. The first night in which their has only been 4 people living in our house for a year. That's crazy! I do miss Jayanah and how I could run errands or just chat with her for a few minutes here and their. That is weird not having that now. But I know in the fall I'm going to go to college and have a dorm full of girls to do that with. In fact, I'll be begging for rides to go run errands. ahah =)

Called up Kaile for something to do. We went and hung out at the mall for a bit and found ourselves in Gap for a little bit. They were having major sales. 40% off the already marked down price. I'm ONLY shopping for college now. Bought a flower patterned navy blue buttoned up shirt that I can wear a couple different ways and a tshirt. I'm becoming quite a fan of tshirts - Surprise Surprise huh?

We rushed over to the theater and found our seats just in time for the commercials to start - to the movie Toy Story 3!!!!!!!! Whooo hooooo! Awesome movie! It's weird to think that I grew up with Andy - a cartoon character. the movie had some good scenes, action and tear jerking ones. :)

Kaile came back and we enjoyed some ice cream.

i'm now going to go steal some of my brother's gummy worms before I go to bed. BWAH HAHA!

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