Tuesday, July 27, 2010

.the beauty through it all.

Running, running, running,
Thinking I here the sound of freedom
Thinking the open field so beautiful and green
was mine to take on.

slowly getting burned out.
Come on God, keep me going.
Let me run with freedom
and sing of your joy.

out of breath and begging God
if you want me to stop just tell me.
He told me, and yet I still kept running,
lungs aching from the strain.

God said stop.
So I did.

Standing there,
He had been telling me to run with freedom,
so I did.
But the field was approaching the mountains.
And it was time to stop.

Take a deep breath,
Take God's hand,
and start the hike.

I don't know why I was hiking up it,
why not just turn left and continue to run,
but God said, "come on, take my hand, let's go."

I questioned am I doing the right thing,
but then I remembered that through the strain of the hike,
a peace was coming over me that couldn't be explained
other then the Holy spirit hiking with me.

So I continued....

The strain of the hike was worth it,
for I reached the peak and found the beauty of the
night stars shining above me looking down from heaven
say, "yes my child, I am here."

As I laid under those stars, God still next to me,
I realized that through all strenuous hikes up the mountains,
ones we don't understand why we're
on after running through such a beautiful field of freedom,
true joy results.

A joy that lets you stand at the peak
and yell "Here I am god! Take me as I am!"
I am not worthy to live this life here.
I complained and questioned as we started this hike,
but I know now that you are always here.

There is a reason for the hikes we go on,
to reach the beauty at the top.
To know his peace in the unknown.
To see that He is Lord of my life.

Run free in the field that seems endless
but know when the mountains are before you,
it's time to take hold of God's hand,
and Go.

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