Sunday, July 25, 2010


Today I worked another eight hour shift - two days in a row. Though thinking it would be a long day, it wasn't at all. It went fast! I enjoyed my lunch break in my usual spot in front of starbucks basking up the sun! Wishing I could have sat for ten minutes longer!

One of my customers I got talking to today owns her own event planning business. She does photography as well for weddings and we got talking. I was like "Oh, I do photography as well!" After talking for a bit, she asked for my number and told me she would give me a call in a couple weeks! She said they are always looking for extra photographers and they often use college students! I was excited by this! What an opportunity if it actually comes through! =)

I'm so blessed by God. His blessings are constantly being shown to me as I live out life. I've learned that you can't be any more blessed then when you are following God's perfect will!


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