Monday, July 12, 2010

.out with the old.

Today my goal was to 1. Start a bank account at HAPO and 2. Clean my closet. Accomplished both! YAY!

Yes, I made the switch from Bank of America to HAPO. Though not completely happy with the fact I won't have a bank in Seattle, my mom can easily transfer money to my account while I'm at college! haha I won't complain.... haha I'm happy to use my new checkbook on my phone. haha It's called "MooLa" with a little cow icon.

Closet is completely clean! Aren't you proud! I pulled together all my strength! And got rid of tons of clothes that are either out of style, faded, or too old! The picture above are all the clothes I'm getting rid of! Those of you who know of my shopaholic/clothes obsession would be proud of me! I guess I just look at it as throwing money away! But its done...taking two tall laundry baskets full of clothes to Plato's Closet in the morning to see if I can get anything for them. Pray I do cause that's back to school shopping money! haha =)

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