Tuesday, August 24, 2010

.hello goodbye.

If only I could of figured out earlier this summer that putting a box fan in my window at night would result in a cold room in the morning, making my room cool for the entire day even if getting direct sun all day! This morning I woke up and actually didn't want to crawl out of bed because it was too cold! haha So I climbed out, turned down the fans, and waited till I warmed up a bit to crawl out.

Today we successfully loaded the van! Woot woot! Everything perfect like a puzzle piece! I'm not looking forward to the unloading part though where I have to carry it up stairs to my dorm! But ya know, i'm sure everything will be dandy! haha

I hung out and relaxed around the house today after van was loaded. Messing with my phone, writing some of my "poems" from my blog into my sketch journal that I'm excited to finally write in.

Hair cut today! Just needed a trim, some layers, and some evening out of the old layers!

So nothing to exciting! But it's a little different!

Raudi and I went and fed the ducks today. I can't upload pics of that though cause my card reader is packed :(

Mom cooked one of my favorites - chicken with rice and gravy. It was delicious! As a desert, my mom made cheesecake filling that was really fluffy and scooped it in bowls with graham cracker crumbs at the bottem and then topped it with strawberries :) It was fantastic.

Despite what mom says, I really will miss my family. I love them. They are amazing and I've been with them my entire life! Why wouldn't I miss them! Mixed emotions about school. A little nervous bout classes, making my way around, and being myself while at school. I'm super excited though for new experiences and making new friends. Oh, and setting up my dorm. I have no reason to be nervous cause God's got my hand.

So tomorrow morning I head to Seattle at 4am! wooo!
goodnight! last night in my own bed!

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