Friday, August 27, 2010

."Oh the places we'll go" - NU 2010 day 2 orientation.

Woot woot! What an awesome day at Northwest. I'm so blessed to be here at Northwest! Everyone is extremelly friendly and ready to know your name and who your are. I love it!

Mornintg started off early when my roomie Cristine and I woke up about 6:45  and we were ready to get up. I picked out my clothes for the day, continued to set up a few things in my room, and headed for the showers. The showers were very nice for dorm showers. Clean that is. haha And no line!

We spent the day going through sessions with our orientation group joined with two other groups. (there are a total of 24 orientation groups). They were boring, but I loved the chance to get to know so many people! Oh my goodness I have met lots of people. A few include Katie, Nathan, Ian, Chris, Kristina, Alicia, Vanessa, and Eliot. I love finding out new things about people.
Both Nathan and Eliot are psych majors (woot woot!).

I did get some fun pictures of the last four guys standing in the giant game of twister. haha

I've met my newest friend today as we sat in a financial aid session - a true bonding experience brought us together. Well, even after she made paper cranes and we made a little pond with them on the desk. haha The lady leading the session was talking about the restaurant "Dicks." Alyssa turns to me as serious as can be and says "I love Dicks." AHAHAHAH It wasn't even that funny. But the facial expressions made it, and once we started laughing, our silent laughs kept us laughing each time we would look up at each other. The rest of the day we spent hanging out and laughing at how many times she tripped. Found a common interest in antiques and vintage stuff. She has some cool things in her dorm, like and old type writer.

Went to olive garden with the family today. And after the class picture this afternoon we had to say goodbye. Goodbye was sad. Never had to say goodbye with my family like that before. It's a weird feeling. I will for sure miss them and I'm going to make sure I call and stuff. I hope they won't totally forget about me - though i know they will enjoy eating nuts with out a problem .ahah

The nights shinanigans ended with ice cream and a huge game of Capture the flag! Woot woot! I was on the bandana team and heck yes we won! =) Me and Alyssa stuck close as we played and had our spot in the shadow near the wall where we could get anyone who came close to our flag. While waiting, we ended up rubbing dirt all over our faces because we were "serious!" Ah, I love my life.

Many more exciting and awesome things to come,
God bless

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