Saturday, August 28, 2010

.new friends and smiling faces.

What an awesome day. My life at Northwest has been amazing so far. Well classes do start - but it was for the same reason I was excited to come up to Northwest! I've met so many people that my head is on overload right now trying to keep track of all the names! haha I love it though.

More orientation stuff today! I went to a session in which I got to have coffee and listen to the president of our school talk. He shared his story which was incredible. He is the first to go to college in his family on both sides - and now he's the president of my school! He's done awesome things through missions, pastoring, and now as president. He encouraged us to not just have goals, but to have dreams. How there is a differance. To include all of the things we love into what we want to do. And how that is possible. He is such an inspirational person and I really enjoyed talking to him! He's awesome and I really look up to him!

I managed to push my ways through the crowded hallway of students and tables with Alyssa so we could pick up some cards on churches to visit sunday. Looked into yearbook and Student Government. I'm thinking about running for a position on the Senate representing my class. We will see. If I don't get it, it's no big. I would just love the opportunity and it's something I love doing!

Scavenger hunt tonight was awesome. It was with our orientation groups (woop woop team number one!)  We drove to downtown Kirkland, then started at Heritage Park, and had clues we had to figure out. Each clue led us to different spots in Kirkland that we might be interested in. Like ice cream and coffee shops, movie theaters, ect. We had to do different tasks at each place. Like "Ghost," Helping a "lady" across the street, having one of the guys in our group propose to one of the girls... haha It was great and lots of laughs.

Funniest thing of this time was actually when Ian really had to go to the bathroom. We waited ten minutes for him. ahha When he came out several guys had a "pyramid" over the bathroom door and we all cheered. He was really embarrassed, but it was funny and all in fun. haha

At the end of the scavenger hunt, we got free ice cream treats from an ice cream truck. Made my night =)

Came back and met my brothers and sisters and headed to "Dicks." It was fun meeting the wonderful people of 300! They are awesome. and our brother floor is so sweet. Should be a fun year =)

Lots of laughter with Alyssa trying to help her figure out a dress that can be worn multiple ways. It was great =) Now time for bed!

What a wonderful day!
nighty night!

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