Sunday, August 29, 2010

.regina spektor.

Today is a day to be completed in list for because there was so much to it!

-Rise and Shine: Saturday morning, I had nothing to do till 1, and what time do I get up at? 7:30am. haha I got up and went out to the lounge to meet Alyssa for breakfast at 8:30. We ended up going to starbucks with Cody as well and drinking coffee and talking. I did make my first cup of coffee this morning in my room and it turned out awesome! Cody and Alyssa are awesome. First time really talking to Cody. He kind of looks like a Jonas Brother. haha He's funny though and has his own style. I feel like because of this, his name should be spelled with a K -like Kody. I enjoyed visiting with these two people though.

-Was going to go back to my room and chill, but ended up hanging out with Cody and Nathan just talking. Mostly music. It's amazing to me how music is a common ground for everyone. Find a similar artist and the conversation is started. Finally made it into breakfast (brunch) at 10:30.

-Cleaned up my desk drawers and finally got my printer installed. Works fine. Got pulled down to play some volleyball, but that never happened. So Katie and I ended up "long boarding" with Austin and a few other people I can't remember the names of!

-The serve day was awesome. We went to a park in Kirkland and divided forces to pull weeds, put in new bark, ect. My group sanded down benches and tables and then stained them . It was fun. haha Oh also found out TEAM NUMBER ONE IS NUMBER ONE because they won the scavenger hunt! woot woot!

-came back and walked to starbucks just to be company and visit with Katie. Cody ended up coming as well. It was fun!

-Concert: well the first two bands were not my favorite, but the last band "Monarch" was awesome. The lead singer's vocals were amazing in clarity and range.

-Fredmeyer's night: Well there were not as many free things as previous years according to a few others, but it was still fun. Watching the boys run around on electric wheel chairs.

Now time for bed! nighty night!

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