Tuesday, August 31, 2010

.rainy day 1.

yes, rainy day 1. Kaile and I are keeping track of rainy days and gonna compare seattle vs. Portland. We will see!

I woke up this morning, pulled on some work out clothes, headed to alyssa's bed and tickled her out of bed, and headed up in the rain to the weight room. First morning of working out was great! Though I still have a ways to go to be in shape again, it was a good way to start of the rest of the year. My goal for the year is to be spiritually, mentally, and physically fit. Sounds cheesy, but it's so what I want!

I didn't have class till 12:30 today so I headed back to my dorm after a 45minute workout and did laundry, made my bed, straightened my room, got ready, and practiced for my choralons audition. My momma would be proud! haha My laundry smells wonderful I'll have you know that! I used the Victoria Secret laundry detergent and softener Ashley gave me and my clothes smell awesome and feel so soft!

Speech was my 12:30 class.

Choralon's audition was write after class. I got out early enough that I was able to go practice a couple more times and pray with Alyssa to calm our nerves. I sang "Cancion del desierto" by Hillsong and read some sheet music. All in all it went well and I got in. haha So that's exciting! All ready picked up my music! It starts next Wednesday and will got every monday, wednesday, and friday at 1:40! I'm excited cause some of my closer friends are in it and alyssa is in it as well now!

Studying was the afternoon plan! Studied with cody and alyssa. I love these people. They make me smile and brighten my day! =)

Starbucks was a later run to study. Don't worry I didn't have coffee mom. I'm not gonna gain a ton from coffee this year! haha =)

gonna go have my God time!
nighty night!

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