Monday, August 2, 2010

.i could live in an antique shop.

This week is my last week of work! Crazy!!! Today when I went to work I was determined to stay motivated for the week! I worked a four hour shift and talked to a frequent customer Keely. She always has the cutest styles that I absolutely love. I got talking to her and found out she has a little hobby of a fashion blog: "What I wear in a little town"

I think it's cute =) I had a two hour break before I had to come back and work an hour to cover the store meeting because I'm leaving, so there was no point in me sitting through it. So, I headed over to Octopus Garden's to buy my pencil pouch! Made of a grain sack. Bought it for $3.50! I love it! haha It's unique.

Then headed over to bank.

Then my favorite fast food restaurant DQ for my chicken basket =) It's been to long since I sat with my chicken basket. haha Since the last week of Senior year!

I still had some time left so I headed across the street to wander around an antique shop. I love antique shops =) Someday I want my house to be furnished with cool antique shop finds! I ended up buying an old necklace and cool pair of earings!

The next hour of work went quick! It was like a family reunion every time everyone is there for a store meeting. haha =) I love it. I'm bummed to be leaving all the friends that I have made at work....

After work I headed out and went bowling with Raudi for a bit. Headed to the park to hang out, returned a lady her fanny pack because we found it on a bench, and then went to my house to watch Bandslam with my brother. A fun night! =)

Now it's time for bed cause a headache is gonna get to me!
nighty night world!


  1. I loooove Antiques as well. Maybe we could go shopping together sometime? I can't wait until I have my own place so I can decorate w/ tons of antique thingeys.

  2. Antiques really are the best. I love how they have so much history behind them!