Thursday, August 19, 2010

.long time and feeling bummed bout it.

So, I feel bad that I haven't blogged in such a long time. Wow. =(

My excuses? Craziness of staying up late and editing pictures and royal family.

I will just start with today though.

Today I finished Senior picture edits for the summer! Wooo hooo! It's like a sense of freedom! That's sad to say since it's a hobby of mine. But it's allot of pressure to have a deadline to get pictures back to everyone! I still love it though. No worries!
These are a couple of today's edits:

Tonight I went to my last time at Crash before college! Crazy! I felt like lots of people were there. I'm getting to know more people who I didn't know as well before, so it's a really comfortable place and fun place to be. I love it! Started out with a big game of spoons. I think there was 9 of us? We played in the grass and put the spoons in a pile all the way across the yard. I'm proud to say I was the last girl standing, though left with a group of 5 guys. I did beat Saul though! haha

Tonight we talked about worship. How worship is not just singing. How worship is something you live. I love that thought. Worship is so beautiful to me. And to think of living out worship constantly is absolutely beautiful! wow! I want to be like that. Someone who worships as they live their daily life. This is the third time I've heard a sermon or discussion on worship this week! Sunday morning, Sunday night, and then tonight! I think God's showing me just that - I need to live my life in a constant state of worship. It is also making me a little less nervous about trying out for coralons at school. I don't know if i'm good enough, but we will see!

Oh also texted my room mate this morning. Make's me more and more excited!

Time for some God time!

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